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Zila is a mute Tabaxi who runs the Alchemy Shop in the Undercity with a talking frog in her hat. Her goal is to pursue Alchemy after obtaining her tribe's prized book of knowledge to carry on their legacy, while also being a new unfamiliar resident of Salvation City and all its practices.[1]




  • Arcane Hat Raffle: Due to the magical nature of the interior of her hat, she is able to retrieve an alchemy ingredient produced from within it at the start of each session.
  • A Hop In Her Step: Has the ability to pounce short distances and can dampen the effects of falling from a greater height due to her Frog/Cat-like influences.
  • Magic Awakening: Her past experience with an intense flow of magic has left her body more resistant to arcane influences, as well giving her a better proficiency in spell casting.


  • Lost in Translation: Is not familiar with higher end technology. Things such as guns and robotics are fairly unknown to her until recently, so she is not proficient in using higher end tech or tools.
  • Claustrophobic: She has a hard time handling tight, enclosed spaces.



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