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Zax Prowler is a human Roboticist working in the Wasteland of Hellion. He spends his time collecting bots and bot components, often from corporate discards, so he can build and maintain his personal drones and bots.

The life he has led in the radiation and heat of the Wasteland has slowly damaged his mind to the point where more "normal" people might find his actions crazed or insane. Zax can sometimes be seen talking to disabled robots, or even just to himself. In truth, Zax has a love of synthetic lifeforms that borders on the irrational, whereas he views other organics with distrust or even disdain. He enviously values the lives of synthetics far more, and even organics with synthetic augmentations are considered more trustworthy.

Given the opportunity, Zax Prowler is the sort of man who would eschew his own mortal coil to become synthetic himself.



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