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Zaphira City

Zaphira City is a massive metropolis on the prime planet of the Metaverse and acts as a major hub region. Much of the Metaverse RP takes place in various locations in this city. Thousands of layers of steel and concrete form enormous megastructures that rise far into the sky, with narrow canyon-like streets filled with smog and aerial vehicles crisscrossing the city.


  • Metaverse Lore - An article collecting and going into detail about Metaverse related lore.
  • Metaverse - A page discussing the setting of the Metaverse as a whole.
  • Metaverse RP - A page that details the broader Metaverse RP, such as chronology and involved groups.
  • The History of the World - Lays out the entire currently known timeline of the Metaverse and lays out some basic overarching concepts that impact this timeline.
  • Zaphira City News - A page that catalogs News Reports, from the in-universe Zaphira City News.
  • Zaphira City - The primary setting for most Metaverse Roleplay, a massive city on the prime planet in the Metaverse.


Upper Zaphira

The upper portion of the city, elevated far above the smog and filth.

Lower Zaphira

The layers of Zaphira so deep in it's steel canyons that they barely see light.

  • Garden District
  • Water District
  • Market District
  • Synth District
  • Purple Lotus
  • Shipdock
  • Industrial District


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