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Who is Zager?

Zager is a mute girl who teaches sign-language and used to work at The Golden Gator in Bricktown as a bartender and greeter.

The Golden Gator doesn't normally allow entrance to anyone fitting the description of a 'loli', making her a rare exception depending on your interpretation of the definition.

Having gotten used to the rowdiness sometimes occurring at the bar it's not uncommon that she's spotted wielding a knife. She wields it very well...

On occasions one or both of her eyes seem to turn into an ominous red mixed with black, adding suspicion of being more than a normal girl.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


"Loli" Zager

She met the proprietor 'Rob' Roflgator when visiting his bar in August 2018 through a friend. At first when they met she was confused for someone else from Robs past as they share some resemblance. She has tried to teach certain phrases in sign language to Rob but refused when asked to teach him swearwords.

She appears to dislike Vincent RX for some reason but this could be due to a miscommunication.

Nurse Zager

When the Gator Bar moved to Bricktown on Sept 12th, 2018 she was employed by Hydrand and Astree and started working as a bartender at the competing bar The Withering Skull.

Bar Jobs

Following the closing down of The Withering Skull bar on Oct 7th, 2018 she started to work as a Nurse at the Bricktown hospital. When the hospital was exposed for it's corrupt nature she resigned and started as a bartender and part-time greeter at The Golden Gator. When Wooks isn't available she usually stands at the entrance.

On Mar 4th, 2019 she participated in an elimination dating game show hosted by Roflgator where she chose Broom as the winner.

Spazkoga attempted to claim Zager as her "pet" on Mar 20th, but her employer Roflgator would not allow it.

Inspected by CoffeeBean

On April 8th, 2019 when visiting The Galactic Gator the mysterious organization associate Cranberry hinted at Zager having some kind of hidden powers. She was later inspected by CoffeeBean, attempting to read her mind and true motives. Coffee explained to the onlookers that they had very little to fear from Zager.

"Property of Spazkoga" collar

On June 23rd Zager sported a collar with the engraving "Property of Spazkoga". Having been seemingly claimed as property by the undead being, her employer Roflgator was not happy about this at all.

Personal mute?

On Mar 4th 2020 Roflgator asked her to become his personal mute to "orbit him, be cute and act quirky". He intended to use her as an excuse to help him get out of annoying conversations if he nodded at her. She agreed to play along. Later on he would express it as being the current meta for high tier VRChat personalities to have their own personal mute following them around.

Zager meets Dotty, having taken her place

Not regularly appearing at The Royal Gator for a while Zager returned on May 13th to find herself seemingly replaced as by Dotty as Roflgators new "personal mute". Not knowing how to react Rob seemed to sneak away and attempt to avoid the matter entirely. Meeting Dotty though Zager and her seemed to get along fine. On May 11th Rob attempted to apologize to Zager and wished for her to find someone better than him for a mute partnership.

On June 5th she participated in the Iron Jew Elimination Dating game-show hosted by Roflgator where participants vied for the affection of IRON$JEW. She was eventually eliminated for seeming being too wholesome for Iron.


  • Her background is a bit of a mystery.
  • She signs and teaches sign-language similar to Tyriss
  • Rumors among other regulars of The Bricktown Golden Gator tell that she dances by herself when nobody is looking.
  • When her employer Rob has been questioned about his reasoning for making an exception to his rules regarding "lolis" he usually offers various excuses in Zagers defense. One being that "Zager is not a loli at all, she's just short".
    • Having embraced her as an exception Roflgator considers her cute.
  • Becoming a standup employee at the bar Roflgator places a lot of trust in her and has invited her to assist him when he's doing shadier acts, such as the occasional act of torture.
  • She is teaching Mhai sign language.
  • Although portraying a female during RP-card down and through other eye-witness accounts she has gotten the reputation of being actually being a "whole ass dude" IRL. There exists no records to prove this however.
  • A viewer favorite on Roflgators livestreams Twitch viewers often spam the FFZ emote widepeepoHappy[1] whenever Zager appears on screen.
  • Other people in the usual Gator Crew lobbies claim that Zager is not as innocent as she seems at all, having multiple ERP adventures, this is all rumor and speculation however.

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