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Yuna is an imperfect clone of Juno created by Hadwyn. This knowledge isn’t known so when others ask she claims she is Juno's cousin/sister. Yuna works in the wasteland clinic with her twin Sera, Juno, Hank and Savire. Yuna is naturally more of a calm and clumsy person, easy to get along with, this is the same reason why she acts shyly. Yuna has a love for technology and is skilled enough with building little trinkets to build helpful medical tools. She currently lives in Shiloh's old home with her twin sister Sera.[1]




  • Major - Medicinal targeted inventions - Creates medicinal tools and equipment that could better the state of the medical supplies already in Scraptown. Each device works only once before it falls apart, because it’s made of scrap metals, but they work well. Yuna has one tool already blueprinted: A gun-type device that shoots compressed cotton into bullet wounds, which expand and prevent people from bleeding out until proper medical care can be performed.
  • Minor - Tinkerer’s touch - Fiddling with mechanical devices gave knowledge on how synthetics work, giving her insight on how to provide some semblance of medical aid to synths.
  • Minor - Medically inclined - You know basic medical treatments and basic surgeries.


  • Major - Imperfect clone - Because she is a “clone,” and cannot produce the correct amount of nutrients she needs, Yuna absolutely needs to eat/drink something that has plant nutrients inside daily or she will experience rapid plant rot. First rotting takes place on the limbs before it attacks the core (Torso/head), which in turn results in death. The rotting takes place over the course of 4 hours (1 session)
  • Minor - Weaker Twin - Due to being the non dominant limb clone, yuna naturally has less muscle mass than her twin and Juno; she cannot lift heavyweight items and cannot shoot a weapon higher tier than the [row revolver]. Additionally, if she drinks old serum or eats something bad, yuna’s condition worsens and she cannot lift even boxes or shoot any weaponry
  • Minor - Sweet Smells - You seem all the more appetizing to critters; from Bugs/lizards/hamsters to sandworms/crabs/mini crabs


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