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Xion Eros is a half-elf Street Samurai who wanders the Wasteland. His sense of honor being the only constant in his wandering lifestyle, he considers himself a Ronin, moving from place to place and helping those he comes across, all the while looking for someone who can prove themself honorable enough to serve.

Outside of his wandering lifestyle, he has a habit of collecting stories of those he comes across to keep him company in the times when he is alone. He never backs down when he believes honor is on his side, never backing away from a fight against a dishonorable individual.

To Xion Eros the Raikiri way is everything, wanting only for stronger opponents and an honorable lord to serve.




  • Major - “The Bushido Way” - Trained in the art of the Katana and in the honor of the blade. Xion is skilled in his art and uses it to defend himself and others.
  • Minor - “Improved Reflexes” - His mother’s elven heritage makes him nimbler and faster than humans. He uses this to his advantage in combat.
  • Minor - “Wanderer Life Style” - Used to living on few supplies and little food and still keeping strong. Oftentimes while traveling Xion would go many days without eating. He would grow weaker, but years of travel taught him to eat when he can and appreciate each meal.


  • Major - “Fear of Lightning” - Due to his history, Xion has always held a deep seated fear of lightning and lightning Magic. When it storms and lightning strikes, Xion is unsettled and frightened, throwing him off his usual calm demeanor and making him nearly useless in combat.
  • Minor - “Honor above all” - Xion’s sense of honor makes him tend to stand up for the small even when outnumbered and outclassed. He has on more than one occasion found himself beaten and left for dead for trying to stand up for the little guys.
  • Minor - “Unfamiliar and Untrusting of Tech” - Xion has never been a fan of technology. He has always opted for a simple lifestyle, and therefore new technology, machines and even synths unsettle him. He is generally wary and less trusting of any new tech he encounters including medical machines that could be used to help him.


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