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Xia is the second courier to move into Callous Row. She set up her own delivery service in the same place Oriana ran hers before she passed away. She is currently using the Row as a place to lie low.


Xia was born and raised in some slum. Her father is unknown to her. Her mother was sickly and eventually died when Xia was young. She grew up on the streets doing whatever odd job she could to get by, scavenging and stealing to make ends meet. Eventually, she started running drugs for a dealer and started gaining a reputation for her services. The money was good for a bit, but when the dealer was offed by a rival, Xia knew it was time to find a new line of work. She branched out and started acting like a “mailman” of sorts for her slum. She’d deliver parcels, messages, and other paraphernalia. She tried to steer away from the less lawful commissions, but credits are credits. Xia tried to work for the SONITII Corporation as a legit transporter but botched one of their jobs by accidentally blowing the client’s eardrums out when he pulled a gun out on her. Since then, she’s been traveling, lying low, and trying to suppress her magic even more.


Like before, Xia moved to Callous Row to lie low after a botched delivery job elsewhere. She still ferries mail, packages, and information throughout Callous Row's upper and lower cities. She has even begun working with Charles, the butcher, to deliver into the Wasteland and, when she has clearance, to the Corporate Floors. Xia also continues to hide her magic to the best of her abilities due to her previous experiences with magic and its users. Despite her occupation, her secret dream of one day learning to pilot a ship and fly far, far away from the slums she was born in only grows stronger.


  • Wild Magic: Xia does not have complete control of her magic and sometimes it spouts out without her meaning to use it. Also, due to her affinity with lightning magic, Xia is resistant to electrical attacks. However, Xia also has trouble dealing with electronics on days that she is not in control of her magic.
  • Iron Stomach: Despite her smaller frame, Xia can hold her liquor like an Orc and stomach most food.
  • Fleet of Foot: Due to her race, Xia is naturally quicker than some other races.
  • Dark Vision: Due to her race, Xia is able to see well in the dark.
  • Uneducated: Xia is not book smart. She knows rudimentary level reading, writing, and arithmetic but little else academically. It’s something she tries to keep secret since she is embarrassed by it. It’s the main reason she hasn’t been able to pass the piloting exams.
  • Weak of Limb: Due to her race, Xia is physically weaker than some other races.
  • Light sensitivity: Due to her race, sudden bright lights can temporarily disorient her. She suffers headaches and gets cranky in the sunlight.




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