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"Did you say LAMP?" ― Wulf

Who is Wulf?

Wulf is a Veteran User who first joined in the Mid-November of 2017, his account was made on the early December, but it is unsure if he joined earlier as a steam user. He's a reasonable person. He is a Relatively Unknown member of the community but he has appeared in background of many videos. He is known for His Moth avatar and Earth Chan. He has 10 different versions of his Moth avatar which the base was made by Gearbell.


Wulf makes public worlds which he has 33 of.

List in order of release

  1. Romani Ranch(Majora's Mask)- Released 02/08/2019.
  2. Train to Russia - Released on 12/05/2019.
  3. Caves of Darkness - Released 12/25/2019.
  4. When you are tired of reality when be stuck in the middle of the ocean so you become Jesus․ - Released 02/27/2020
  5. Hallowed German Forest - Released 06/07/2020.
  6. Agniratha - Xenoblade DE - Released 10/04/2020.
  7. Pokemon Tournament (Sword and Shield)- Released 11/14/2020.
  8. when your car breaks down in the middle of the desert so you think your on Tatooine with dual suns - Released 11/22/2020.
  9. Train to the East - Released 12/13/2020.
  10. Tiergarten‚ Berlin (2021)- Released 2/20/2021.
  11. Mechonis Core - Released 03/16/2021
  12. Waifuwehr Breach Ball Center - Released 03/31/2021
  13. Old Berlin- Released 5/1/2021
  14. when you were locked in your bedroom late at night playing Minecraft while your parents were fighting downstairs‚ Back in 2011․ - Released 06/20/2021
  15. Waifuwehr - Fürst von Köln - Cyber-Kommando Zentrale - Released 07/21/2021
  16. Desert Outpost - Released 08-29-2021
  17. CSGO Agency - Released 09/12/2021
  18. Waifuwehr Presentation Room v2 - Released 10/02/2021
  19. Waifuwehr - Biwak - Released 10/11/2021
  20. When you are camping and decide to go Hiking then get lost in the middle of nowhere at night․ - Released 10/27/2021
  21. Train on the Coast - Released 11/4/2021
  22. Snowy Mountain Adventure - Released 11/22/2021
  23. Waifuwehr® Lounge - Released 11/29/2021
  24. The Library Ballroom - Released 12/21/2021
  25. Jungle Island - Released 12/29/2021
  26. Waifuwehr® - Graf Zeppelin Kaserne - Released 1/11/2022
  27. Alpine Military Base - Released 1/18/2022
  28. Richthofen Fliegerhorst - Released 1/25/2022
  29. Jungle Coast Line - Released 2/15/2022
  30. Berlin Night Stage - Released 3/4/2022
  31. Jungle Island Outpost - Released 3/16/2022
  32. Nighttime Abandoned Factory- Released 3/24/2022
  33. The Wilds - Released 3/31/2022

History and Lore

He started a member of VRChat right before the Knuckles, became popular. He joined Imperial Waifu Army when a random person drop a portal where rest of the group was. He was part of the 1st raid on Uganda. He was also a founding member of Band of Waifus when it was called the Imperial Waifu Navy. He is a known Shape-Shifter. He has over 200 Forms (Avatars). He loves his flamethrower more then living. He appears and disappears from god-knows-where. His favorite form is a grey moth or a Anime Girl.


Krüger Viktor Wulf von Köln III - a World War One Prussian Tank Driver

Monika Erika Wulf - An American Cyber Officer

Luka Viktoria Wulf - US Army Officer of Band of Waifus

Monika Viktoria Wulf von Köln I - A Daughter of Kruger

Monika Viktoria Wulf - A Female Waitress

Grand Möth Tarkin - Evil Insane Military Leader


  • He has appeared in quite a lot of videos in the background
  • he is hated by many for his will to ask too many questions
  • He had a YouTube channel with over 1900 Subs.