"Hey Woops, I'm Woops" ― Woops

Who's Woops?

Woops is a VRChat Youtuber and Twitch Streamer that affiliates himself with Team 5. Although he roleplays just to add lore to Pokes's Lore Videos, he records whatever he does in his free time and posts it on YouTube both roleplay or just for fun.

Lore Biography/History

Woops is one of the five leaders of Team 5, first appearing as a custom fox girl avatar in the Public Domains of VRChat.

At some point, Woops and Joey Bagels encountered each other and served him many delicacies at a maid café.

Personality & Quirks

Woops is a happy-go-lucky kitsune that goes around spreading tales of his adventures to everyone. He is especially happy when he gets new outfits to show everyone (and might ask Bem to work out some kinks to it).

He is also known to be very mischievous but is quite loyal and caring to people he sees as friends.


  • In one video, he and Pokes dated/kissed for a time. Probably for the memes.
  • His stepfather is Chipz but it doesn't seem like they get along given the fact that he chose to side with Joey.
  • He apparently has children of his own called Tonks.



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