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Wit, also known as Wit of the Wastes, is a Troll who lives in the Wasteland outside of Salvation City.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


He is an opportunist who takes payment for favors and “deals”. He was once a slave but has since then escaped, and now he serves in a cult called the Black Sands. What could his intentions and machinations be?


Episode 13

While attending the wedding between Sheila and Sir Polka, Wit happens across Thaddeus in The Undercity. The sovereign offers Wit the choice to draw a tarot card, which he does and draws The Fool. Thaddeus then explains to Wit this means he should keep his friends and enemies close as the fool can switch from tragedy to comedy and back again.

Atlantis employees hurry to help Wit after he took a bullet for Miss money

Later in the day Wit finds himself in The Uppercity and feels a mysterious energy flow over him, the pull of The Fool that seems to come from the Trident HQ. He coincidentally then comes across Miss Money and they walk to Atlantis together, but just past the Atlantis gates The Fool gives Wit a premonition and he sees the flash of a sniper scope high above them. He quickly grabs Miss Money as the sniper shot is fired towards them, and takes the bullet for her. He is immediatly dragged inside by Miss Money and fellow Atlantis employees, who call for medical attention before realizing that Wits bullet wound began to self-heal and he seemed to be recovering quickly.



  • Major - Trog Traits - Regeneration, physical resistance, and all the other traits a troll has.
  • Minor - Wit of the Wastes - Born in the Wasteland, Wit is as experienced ansurvivor as one could get. Living most of his early life as a slave made him patient and resourceful, and he built up a tolerance for pain. Wit is hardy, adaptive, and, most of all, cunning.
  • Minor - Cultist of the Black Sands - Wit is a cultist of the Black Sands, a fanatical religious cult that worships a mysterious Dark God. This comes with both negatives and positives. In trade for pain and suffering, Dark Magic is bestowed upon him.


  • Major - Fear of the Flame - Wit is deathly scared of Fire. Flame were used to torture him during his time as a slave, and fire is often used as a deadly weapon against trollkind. Damage from fire is the only pain he cannot tolerate.
  • Minor - Cultist of the Black Sands - Wit is a cultist of the Black Sands. To gain power, he must sacrifice. Wit is cursed with malnourishment and suffering. Food consumption does little for him and his body is in a perpetual state of hunger. He also has a need to flaggelate himself.
  • Minor - Fragmented Mind - Though witty and clever, Wit is of unsound mind. Mainly due to his obsessive beliefs, but also due to his suffering and torment as a former slave in the Wasteland.


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