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Wisp is a myconid who helps out around the multitude of shops that the mushroom gang own. She currently runs the Chanterelle cafe in the Undercity.

She claims she is queen of the river and takes pride in the Knights of Wisp. Wisp wants to continue to discover the new world and become even bigger. She aspires to "rule" in her own terms. She truly believes she is Queen Wisp and that no one can stop her.[1]

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Wisp is a myconid who resides in The Undercity along with the rest of the myconids. She aids Conk and Bo at the Noodle Shop and helps them tend to the gardens in the Grove. She also tends to visit Jimmy a lot due to his forgetful nature.

She was discovered within the now repurposed ice area during the Undercity's remodeling and has since stuck close to the myconids in order to learn about the world she woke up to. She searches to find out more about the world and the stasis-stunted body she now lives in, all while acting like a grandmother to her new family.


Episode 20

Wisp and the other myconids travel to the Wasteland for an expedition with Charles Rask. They've heard word that a cave has been discovered where mushrooms like Jimmy can be found (Jimmy does not join them on this expedition). They are joined in Scraptown by Charles Cutting and Ryzy drives them to the mouth of the cave in her truck.

They descend into the cave, discovering massive mushrooms with jump pads and plants growing tasty fruits, which Bo believes can be used in new recipes for the noodle shop (one being incredibly sour). Rask and Ryzy don masks as the spore concentration in the air increases.

Across the cavern they spot an area where the spores are so thick they are visible as a fog. The group jumps across together, but Rask and Ryzy find they cannot enter the foggy cave. The myconids and Cutting go inside to discover the cave is filled with mushrooms with caps like Jimmy's. At the far end of the cave is a massive Jimmy mushroom with a myconid leaning against it. When the myconids touch the figure, they all fall asleep and enter a dream world with the figure, who calls themselves the Dreamer. Meanwhile Rask and Cutting attempt to wake the myconids, carrying Wisp and Bo out of the cave but are unable to move or wake Big Conk.

In his dream state Big Conk is asked by the Dreamer what he wants the most, he answers that he wants to protect Bo and Wisp and they have things he knows they want. The Dreamer wakes him to bring Wisp and Bo back and Conk fetches them from outside the cave. Conk returns them and the Dreamer introduces himself to them again, Wisp and Bo quickly nickname him Big D. He asks them what they'd want, Wisp wants to get big and strong to protect her family, and Bo wants to help others. The Dreamer first helps Wisp, letting her know the waters of the cavern and some of the fruits may be able to do "something" for her. He then tells Bo she might try some of the Glowberries and Glowmelons in the cave for recipe ideas, she laughs when he mentions the berries and he guesses correctly that she already tried one of the sour fruits. He then wishes them good success and they wake up.

Wisp and Conk after she emerges from the mushroom cavern lake

They head out of the cavern and to a lake they saw on the way in. Conk takes Wisp into the water, and a shimmering effect appears around her. Rask suggests Conk fully submerge her, he does so and when Wisp resurfaces she's at least twice as tall, about the size of Bo. Bo points out she also got a second ring on her cap. Wisp is overjoyed.

As they climb back out of the cavern, a massive shockwave hits them, knocking them over. Bo attempts to radio the clinic to no response. They see a plume in the sky as they drive back to town, Rask assumes the Golden Lance was destroyed. When they arrive in Scraptown it begins to rain. They decide not to stick around and head back to the Undercity.



  • Major - Fungi Anatomy - No major organs and regrows lost limbs.
  • Minor - Glossy Gal - Coats herself in a gloss to retain moisture.
  • Minor - Splish-Splash - Mana Battery for others.


  • Major - Fragile?- Takes more damage
  • Minor - Stasis Stunted - Regrows slower
  • Minor - Eternal Dream - Has trouble sleeping


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