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William "Willie" Walker is an Ex-Union soldier. After surviving throwing himself on an explosive device to save his squad, Willie woke up from a coma to find that not only had he lost a significant amount of limbs and an eye. But the Union had lost the war. And worse yet his home planet along with his wife, had been glassed.

In the years since the end of the war Willie acquired the cheapest of replacement limbs and has taken whatever jobs he can get to survive. He finds himself now in Scraptown. Closer than hes ever been to those who took everything from him.




  • Major - Armored Geezer - Willie constantly wears a tough bullet resistant vest.
  • Minor - Factory Arms - Willie is fitted with 2 stolen Sonitii factory welding arms modified with high pressure hand attachments. They aren't fancy but they can take a beating and swing a hammer or turn a wrench with extreme force without tiring Willie out.
  • Minor - Gun Nut - Knowledgeable with ballistic firearms. Can provide minor repairs to ballistic weapons and is adept at ammo crafting. He is never without his most prized possession “Elizabeth” a custom .44 Magnum High Heat Revolver that was gifted to him by his late wife.


  • Major - Cyber Necrosis - Willie relies on immunosuppressants taken via an e-cigarette to keep his cheap recycled cybernetics from infecting his body causing him extreme pain and if left long enough dead. Must be used once an hour. He will need to get a refill from a clinic daily.
  • Minor - Too Old For Tech - Willie grew up on a simple planet less reliant on technology and never really bothered trying to understand anything that wasn't analog machinery. If you Ask him to use a computer and hes more likely to shoot it out of frustration.
  • Minor - Short Circuit - Willies repurposed robotic arms were not properly grounded when surgically attached. They will short out and go into an automatic reboot sequence if they make contact with any metal exterior synths or if electrical based magic is used in close proximity to him.


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