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William "Willie" Walker is an Ex-Union soldier. After surviving throwing himself on an explosive device to save his squad, Willie woke up from a coma to find that not only had he lost a significant amount of limbs and an eye. But the Union had lost the war. And worse yet his home planet along with his wife, had been glassed for reasons he has never been able to uncover.

In the years since the end of the war Willie acquired the cheapest of replacement limbs and has taken whatever jobs he can get to survive. He finds himself now in Scraptown. Closer than hes ever been to those who took everything from him.


Season 3

Prologue: Its been one year since the attack on Hellion that wreaked havoc on the entire city and surrounding areas. Its been revealed that during the attack Willie was in a section of the city attempting to meet with a contact who might have had some information about who made the call to destroy his planet in the final weeks of the war. Information hes been seeking for 17 years. Upon arriving at the planned location, distant explosions can be heard rumbling through the dark allyways and streets. Chaos begins to engulf the area, Willie moves as fast as he can to the meeting location only to find his contact having had a hole blown through his chest with some kind of extremely powerful energy weapon.

Willie curses and begins his fight back to Scraptown. Its a long night... In the midst of the chaos Willie whose usually reserved with the use of his revolver finds its one of the few weapons at his disposal capable of taking down the invaders. He takes out 12 of the invaders. The last 12 bullets he has. He makes it back to Scraptown. Covered in foreign blood and exhausted.

Episode 1 - "18 Years": Willie wakes as he always does having dreamt of the sounds of war. The sound of the Valkyrie explosive that destroyed his body and put him in a coma. The sound of Elizabeth's voice. Its been 18 years. The town is buzzing with newcomers after a year of relative peace. good for Scraptown. bad for business. Willie spends most of this day crankier than usual. Willie reveals to his friends and co-workers that he has been unable to use his revolver for the past year. It comes to light that his revolver is an extremely rare weapon, built to fire bullets made of an alloy only found on his home planet of GS5, scattered to the cosmos. If he attempts to fire any other kind of metals through the extremely hot cylinder and barrel, it will slag the bullets and destroy the gun. He has spent the last year trying to find this alloy in the scrap to no avail. He is beginning to think his revolver, the last material object tied to the memory of his wife, has become a useless relic of the past...



  • Major - Dead Eye - Willie has decades of experience using firearms giving him increased accuracy
  • Minor - Factory Arms - Willie is fitted with 2 stolen TraVerse factory welding arms modified with high pressure hand attachments. They aren't fancy but they are tough.
  • Minor - Phoenix Elizabeth - Willies heirloom revolver named after his late wife, has been disassembled and integrated into his left cybernetic arm as a 6-round short range flame thrower. Uses refillable high pressure fuel cartridges.


  • Major - Cyber Necrosis - Willie relies on immunosuppressants taken via an e-cigarette to keep his cheap recycled cybernetics from infecting his body causing him extreme pain and if left long enough dead. He will need to get a refill from a clinic daily.
  • Minor - Too Old For Tech - Willie grew up on a simple planet less reliant on technology so he never had a need to learn anything that wasn't analog machinery. If you Ask him to use a computer hes more likely to shoot it out of frustration.
  • Minor - Short Circuit - Willies repurposed robotic arms were not properly grounded when surgically attached. They will short out and go into an automatic reboot sequence if they make contact with any metal exterior synths or if electrical based magic is used in close proximity to him. (In season 2 it was revealed that Willie can only fire Shometsu energy weapons once before the power output causes his arms to short out and reboot)


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