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"In a world overrun by Freds, one mouse must save the day by collecting the cheese from all the realm. Can he complete their challenges" - world description.

World information

What a Legend! is a dungeon-type world were players are encouraged to solve several puzzles in order to acquire six cheese pieces and unlock the door to the final room. Originally made for user @Legend's birthday, it was later released to then public so other VRChat players could enjoy beating the game.

The world consists of main corridor with six portals leading to different realms, each one containing its own theme and challenges that lead towards a cheese piece. At the end of the main corridor a big door awaits to be unlocked when all six cheese pieces are collected. 

The Realm of Mozarella

The realm consists of one big room with a big chest in the center. In order to unlock the chest and obtain the piece of cheese, players must traverse each of the five platform challenges in the correct order, as they avoid massive skeleton heads as well as other traps.

Created by Cheese Guardian Lakuza.

The Realm of Munster

The realm is composed of several rooms arrayed in a dungeon-style theme, were players are encouraged to solve a different puzzle in each room in order to proceed forward. A torch is offered at the beginning in order to light the way ahead.

Created by Cheese Guardian CyanLaser.

The Realm of Cheedar

The realm consists of a maze-like level with cheedar walls. Players must traverse the maze and find the shrine holding the piece of cheese.

Created by Cheese Guardian Mimi.

The Realm of Parmesan

The realm encompasses of an ancient temple-like structure. Each room possesses one optical puzzle (lasers and mirrors) that players must solve in order to open the other and move forward. Puzzles get harder with each iteration, so cooperation is encouraged in order to open the way ahead.

Created by Cheese Guardian Phasedragon.

The Realm of Gouda

The realm is composed of a big, pink room featuring a fireplace, several paintings, and a golden idol face. The exit is closed and a mysterious voice begins talking as players enter the room, offering them some potential clues on how to solve this room's puzzles, acquire the piece of cheese, and be able to escape from this fantasy world.

Created by Cheese Guardian Fionna.

The Realm of Swiss

The realm consists of a bullet-hell minigame (featuring one of the characters of Touho Project), were players must evade all the attacks of the realm's boss and make it safely to the other side of the room in order to retrieve the piece of cheese.

Created by Cheese Guardian Gurathnaka.