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War-Togg is an ettin which means he has two heads with each head controlling their side of the body. War is the left side and Togg is the right side. War is happy and friendly while Togg is grumpy and cold. War loves to smash things and Togg likes to learn.

War-Togg was abandoned shortly after birth and for most of War-Toggs life they have lived on their own in the wastes. Both brothers have taken up different goals and hobbies throughout their life. A few months before they entered Scraptown, they got into a particularly heated argument which led to War tearing off Togg's arm off. War, feeling bad, replaced Togg's arm with a new mechanical arm with a blown up rubber glove as a hand. The hand does not function at all. More recently War-Togg have stumbled their way into Scraptown and have both agreed to give this new life a go.




  • Major - "Can't Feel A Thing" - War-Togg has very tough skin, capable of stopping small caliber rounds and regular melee weapons. Beyond this he also has an increased pain tolerance.
  • Minor - "The Strong Brother" - Although they only have one “functioning” arm, War's arm is incredibly strong and can lift as much as a standard orc. When both minds have a shared goal or purpose, their strength is effectively twice as strong.
  • Minor - "The Smart Brother" - The smart half of the two knows how to hack (Togg). However Togg has to direct War on what to do since Togg has little arm control so the process is slower.


  • Major - "Brotherly Bond" - Being of two different minds, War-Togg is very indecisive in making any decision as the two heads constantly fight on what to do
  • Minor - "Eating For Two" - Although they share the same stomach, War-Togg insists on both eating. This insistence is a big reason for their current weight.
  • Minor - "A Balloon Hand Doesn't Count" - War ripped off the other side's arm in a heated argument over control. War felt bad and constructed a poorly made arm made out of scrap and a blown up glove. It barely functions as an arm and there is no hand control at all.


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