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The von Hessen-Wetzlar Family is a family made up of Nep Nep, Sola di Ryuvia, Julianno, Friedrich Hermann Gerhard von Eberbach II (Hermann Falk), Rena, and Lapis Luna. They were known for their incredible influence within the Great German Waifu Empire.

Friedrich I's Story

Friedrich I. Ernst Ferdinand Eugen von Hessen-Wetzlar was born as the oldest of three Brothers in Hessen on the 7th of January 1894 by the Family of the Grand Duke of Hessen-Wetzlar, a small Grand Dutchy in the middle of the Empire. His Father was the former Grand Duke, Andreas Peter von Hessen-Wetzlar, married to the daughter of a judge, Anita Sophia von Hessen-Wetzlar (Born Richter). His Father was in possession of the land of the Grand Dutchy Hessen-Wetzlar which Friedrich I. inherited after his death including a couple of Castles and Palaces.

Friedrich grew up with his two Brothers, Erich Lothar Manfred von Hessen-Wetzlar and Julius Endris Alfred Hans von Hessen-Wetzlar. From 1902 to 1905 Friedrich and his Brothers were mostly alone with their Mother at home as their Father served in the Military as a General in the Great War. Their Father died shortly after his return home in 1907, which made him the next Grand Duke at the age of 13, but their Mother took care of the politics first as she thought Friedrich was too young to rule. Friedrich grew up very closely to his Brothers at this time, all three in Wetzlar itself. Before it was common for one or sometimes two of the Brothers to be in a different City of the Grand Dutchy.

Friedrich went to a civil School from 1899 to 1904, from there on he got private lessons. In 1910 he got onto the military school as his Father planned for him. Friedrich´s Mother died soon later in 1915. Friedrich at that time had passed Training and Studying on a Military Academy. After he graduated, he first got out of the Military to take the Politics in his hands. Friedrich gifted some of the Residents and Castles to his Brothers, the most important one as it is practically right next to Wetzlar, the Burg Hermannstein, to the second oldest Brother, Erich.

Friedrich learned baking in this time in Private and rules lightly with help of his Brothers. In 1916 he adopted a boy, he renamed him to Friedrich II. Hermann Gerhard von Hessen-Wetzlar. Later this year he adopted two girls and named them Gloria Annelise Charlotte and Alicia Viktoria Maria von Hessen-Wetzlar. Until 1918 he was sunk in his private live, raising three children on the example of his Father and Mother.

In mid-1918 he reentered the Military as Generalfeldmarschall because of his relations and title, which did not make him less competent. He trained and studied at a military academy before and proved his skill in the Second Great War.

In the time of Peace in Europe he mostly was back in his private life taking care of his family and Grand Dutchy until the Revolt broke out in early 1932. On the Eastern Border of the Empire he took command of the Heer in the Empire. Later this year he defeated the Rebellion and retook Königsberg.

Friedrich then took part in official businesses of the Empire at the side of the Government. He developed new tactics and strategies for the Empire and made great changes to the army´s organization.

In 1939 Friedrich commanded the Heer in the Third Great War and was major part in defeating the Empire´s Enemies.

He made the Army battle ready to strike as the time demanded it in 1941. With Unternehmen Ostwind, all Arms of the Army fought and pushed the Eastern Enemy back deep in their land. One year later the Border of the Empire to the Eastern Land looked different, Friedrich took a major role in securing these as the Unternehmen Ostwind concluded. But soon in 1944 the Eastern Enemies wanted to retake what is theirs and Friedrich was called to duty again….

Erich L. M. von Eberbach's Story

Erich was born in Wetzlar, Hessen on the 3th of February 1897 by a Family related to the Herzog von Hessen-Nassau (Duke of Hessen-Nassau). The Father Andreas Peter von Eberbach, cousin of the Duke of Hessen-Nassau, and the Mother Anita Sophia Maria von Eberbach (Born Anita Sophia Maria Richter), daughter of a judge, possessed a House near the old Castle "Karlsmunt". Born a the second son he had two brothers,his older brother Friedrich Ernst Ferdinand Eugen von Eberbach and younger brother Julius Endris Alfred Hans von Eberbach. He had a good life until 1902 with the begin of The Great War where his Father served. There life was hard every day he look out of the window and was hoping for his father to survive the war and come back home. That was also the first time where he saw Planes and he was fascinated in a few seconds. With the end war in 1905 he was happy that his father has returned and he hope that the life will become better like it once was.But the war has changed him and he was a broken man so there life was not getting better. But he helped out as good as he can. In his school life he was very quiet, he stayed out of any troubles and became kind of shy. In the High School he saw a Book what was written by a Ace who was fighting in the Great war as a pilot and he was so fascinated from it that his dream was now to become a Pilot. Every day he went to the Library in his school and his city to get some books about planes. In 1911 his father passed away from a heart attack and one month later his mother in a incident. The lost of his parents hits him very hard that he even became more shy then he already was but he never lost his friendliness and calm being. He could not stay at his home anymore a started a life as a loner but was always hoping for his Brothers that they stay safe and became something great.

After his school life he was starting a education in a grocery store specially for alcoholic drinks but also for Soft drinks. After his education he stayed there for a long time. Next to his job he was also hunting. Thanks to this job be became more open again and he was also losing a little bit of his shyness. On one day when was coming home from work he received a letter from his two brothers. He was relief that both of them have a good life. When he reads that both of them are joining the army that reminded him of his dream to become a pilot in the Airforce.Now was the only thing he wanted was to fly. So he was going to Berlin and visited the Alfherzen Military Academy and studied Planes and air combat. During that time also meets the Ace that has written the book he was reading in his school life. When he graduated in 1924 he finally saw his two brothers again and with them a Lady. This Lady was Elita Von Alfherzen. The first thing he could only think of was to jump to his to brothers to give them a strong hug that they are finally reunited. Out of sheer joy, he even lost a tear. Then he noticed the Uniform that his brothers had. Completely surprised that both of his Brothers got into the Guard he swore to them he will do his best to keep the sky save from everything. The next thing that comes in his mind was to bow in front of Elita Von Alfherzen. Having a nice conversation with her he don't want to wait any longer. In the same year he started his career in the Army and joined the Airforce and swore himself never to leave it no matter what.

Julius' Story

Julius was born in Wetzlar, Hessen on the 10th of May 1899 by a Family related to the Herzog von Hessen-Nassau (Duke of Hessen-Nassau). The Father Andreas Peter von Eberbach, cousin of the Duke of Hessen-Nassau, and the Mother Anita Sophia Maria von Eberbach (Born Anita Sophia Maria Richter), daughter of a judge, possessed a House near the old Castle "Karlsmunt". Julius had two brothers, Friedrich Ernst Ferdinand Eugen von Eberbach and Erich Lothar Manfred von Eberbach, and was the youngest of the three. In 1902 his father went to fight in The Great War. Times were difficult for three brothers and it did not get better after their father had returned in 1905. The war had broken him.

Julius always wanted to venture the world in future so at such young age he helped people around to make some money. He also helped his brothers to look after their ill father. Suddenly in 1911 his father passed away from heart attack and a year later his mother was involved in an incident. Julius took the loss of his parents very hard. Shortly after his mother had passed, he ran away. At the age of just 13, he made his way to Frankfurt. He stayed there for a couple of years, working as a joiner for furniture maker Michel Hornbach. In 1914 Julius set his eyes on the east. He got on a train and left Frankfurt. After visiting numerous towns and cities in the east, Julius had been amazed by Vilnius the most. He decided to stay there for some time, but not as long as he would've wanted. Julius then left to work in docks in Klaipeda.

After couple years of working in Klaipeda, Julius knew that staying there won't do any good to him. So he got on a train and travelled west. In 1918 then reached Berlin. There Julius found a job and started working as a bartender. One night a beautiful but fearsome young lady came in. Her name was Elita Von Alfherzen, heir of the throne of The United Prussian and German Empire. After having a good conversation with Elita, Julius decided to settle down and make his career in military. He saw something in Elita. Something that would make Prussia and Germany the greatest empire Europe had ever seen. He started studying in Alfherzen Military Academy in 1922 and graduated in 1926. Then he enlisted in Elita's military. Julius and his brothers, Friedrich and Erich, were finally reunited. Julius is currently one of Elita's personal guards. Getting there wasn't easy. He had to go to front lines as a marine, where he got injured. After months of recovering, Julius started training to become a fighter pilot. Then something happened... He could not complete his training. After that Julius pledged his loyalty to Elita and swore to be her personal guard.