What is The Void Club?

The Void Club is a popular dance club that has gone through many iterations in since it's creation in January 2018. It features a bar, dance floor and private rooms.

It used to have an outdoor fireworks area but in April 2018 the design was almost completely redone and the map looks very different since.

Lycon, the world creator and owner of the bar is known for also hosting private events at the club.

Being a very popular map still in 2020 the public lobbies of the void club has a mixed, sometimes bad reputation depending on who you ask. Being a popular public meeting space the clubs host random people from all over the world.


  • The Void Club was perhaps the most common go-to place where Roflgator would go searching for new potential prospects to recruit to his bar The Golden Gator. It was not uncommon to encounter him complaining and roasting players who use "loli avatars" or "mirror dwellers" staring at themselves in the mirror throughout 2018-2019.


The Void Club in July 2018 after it's redesign

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