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The many members who support and spread love and positivity in the community.

Who are the VSL? (excerpt from Twitch) 

Notice all the gifting subs in the channel (in Nagzz21's Twitch)?! It is CRAZY... This place is all about spreading love, as well as positivity. It all started with the Fantastic Four (The name given to the original 4 who started this). Those people were:

  • Lynxlayer
  • Bleaz
  • Branger
  • Fuzz

From the insane amount of gifting they have given through the start of my experience here on Twitch, the love started to spread throughout the community.

An image of Lynx (old avatar) hugging the VSL gift box. (art by AutumnAki)

It has now grown to many members calling themselves the V.S.L. (Virtual Support League). They spread love through the entire community, to other content creators and have created something so unique that isn't only just positive, but INCREDIBLE. It is thanks to them my beginnings here on Twitch have been so positive, and I credit them to allow me to do what I can each and every day and help spread their positive message.


The Fantastic Four

  • Lynxlayer (founding member)
  • ​​​Bleaz96 (founding member, the Gifting God)
  • ​​​​​Branger24 (founding member)
  • Fuzz122 (founding member)

The members who stepped up in passing the love...

The Twitch Fathers

  • Rexathon
  • PresDan (Clip Lord)
  • Pirus
  • Alquimistas
  • Fuyuumi
  • Surestjustin
  • Jason Deth
  • StampedSteel


The V.S.L. host many various game events such as VRChat Werewolf, Murder, Karaoke/Movie Nights and many more...


  • Originally, they were named the "Fantastic Four", but Disney and Marvel would probably sue. 
  • They have now expanded and are now a League of their own. 
  • As of 08/05/18 there are 66 members in the VSL.
    • Update: They have now surpassed 90 members.