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Who were the V.R.P.D?

The V.R.P.D. was VRChat's very first own police task force and the peacekeepers of the VRChat community. They use to seek to serve and protect the community and uphold VRPill's Laws. They also had their own special tactical action force team that will spring into action whenever there is conflict in VRChat's Realms.

Please note that the group consists of Roleplayers and are not affiliated with any actual law enforcement.

The Disbanding Of The Force

Aurora, one of the founders of the V.R.P.D. and moderator of the VRChat Community stated that the V.R.P.D. has disbanded. No date or time was given to when they decided to disband the group, but we give our hearts out to the members who worked tirelessly upholding VRPill's Laws.


Lead Officers/Sergeants



  • Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Applesmack
  • Atomaton
  • Azekuro
  • Baxton
  • Beimer
  • Boat Boat TMMRP
  • Bocaj (or Bohkah)
  • BWC
  • DeDee
  • Delta Anomaly
  • DrKreiger
  • Emmitt
  • Kagan <princess>
  • Komaru
  • Mimi
  • Ming Mong
  • Monika
  • PC
  • Rathios
  • Resoula
  • Shai
  • Shizzuie
  • Sonicool411
  • Spinderling
  • Squirt Turtle
  • Taiga Kotobuki
  • TenebrisBellator
  • Terror of Death
  • Tomori
  • Vivithemadman
  • Yellbana
  • Zarb

Retired Officers

YouTube Links


  • They managed to arrest MaTSix once but Joey was able to break her out and rescue her resulting in escaping from their jail.
  • Had a Fan Room in the Official VRChat Community Discord Server.
  • As of May 24th, the V.R.P.D. started to reform.
  • A new police station was in the making by NEPsYNEPTUNE.
  • Possibly seen in-action in Nagzz's VRChat short film/TV episode, VRChat COPS
  • Aurora himself has stated the VRPD has disbanded.