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"You're looking mighty cute" ― Vincent's signature pickup-line

"Yes I do." ― Vincent's response to an iconic question during game night[1]

Who is Vincent X?

Vincent X portrays a strange monster trying very hard to fit into the environment of humans and other civilized creatures. He might lack some finer social skills in these environments but is always learning and adapting.

He is known for transforming into various weird forms, sharing strange experiences and stating dubious claims. When he isn't in his robot form he usually transforms into rare obscure creatures and characters from various TV-shows. Se more info in the trivia section.

He's a regular at The Royal Gator and is often given different tests or lessons by 'Rob' Roflgator, who he sees as his father figure. Although being somewhat awkward and having a harsh teacher both Roflgator and his wife Ikumi have a soft spot for him. Since having befriended TheBigMeech and SciFri they've also tried their best to teach him their ways.

Since late 2019 Vincent has gotten more confidence having practiced his pickup game.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

History and Lore

Vincent met Roflgator when we was visiting public worlds and brought him along to the The Gator Bar possibly seeing a potential setting him up for dates or improving his social skills.

He is usually teased for choosing the weirdest of creatures (kaiju) to turn into, making him standout greatly from others in the room. One of his forms the "bellymonster" is apparently a being that stores it's eggs in a giant mucus filled hole in it's belly. Yuck.

His go-to robot form stores money in a hidden compartment in his leg similar to how Robocop sheathes his gun.

When pressed on how he earns his money by Rob, Vincent explained that he actually works two jobs. One is moving shipping crates at a boating mill and the second is as a part-time animatronic at Disney World.

Vincent on a date with CupofThea, early August 2018

Under Roflgators wing

On July 28th, 2018, he was given the increased responsibility of acting as a bouncer of sorts for Rob in The Gator Bar. Having been through the dating game and various tests by Rob, he has become somewhat of an apprentice or protegee although Rob hasn't referred to their relationship as that himself.

Rob would continue into August trying to hook Vincent up with a date, proclaiming "I don't want him to be lonely." By August 7th, Vincent had a number of failed dates under his belt despite repeated efforts by Rob to wingman him. Vincent would become one of the hardest wing-manning challenges Rob would face, akin to R3dzDead and initially Foreigner.

On Aug 12th Vincent got an apparent boost in confidence (out-of-character after getting VR). He stepped up his game and acted minister for Harly and Byuyu during their wedding. He exchanged jabs with Hydrand, a master of shit-talk and went on a successful date with Ninja Moment as an anime boy. At the end of the night he thanked Rob and told him that he looks up to him as a father figure. On August 14th, Vincent would announce he found a new job as a "VR cop".

"I'm a little chick"

Deaths and forms

Vincent has died a couple of times and usually when this happens have to return to a weaker form, charging his powers. He was once slain and had to be a tiny chicken for a longer period before returning to his old form.

On August 24th, 2018 Vincent would get into a scuffle with Doom Guy/Chainsaw Guy at the Golden Gator. Vincent would attempt to get the upper hand, but Doom Guy would pull out his chainsaw, mortally wounding Vincent. He would die painfully, groveling on the floor of the bar in front of everyone. Vincent's soul would be transferred into a back up body prepared by his fiance.

The dramatic wedding and end of Ninja Moment

Vincent would officially propose to Ninja Moment on Aug 26th, 2018 and she said yes.

Roflgator interrogates Ninja Moment... minutes before the chaos - and her death.

The wedding was held on September 8th and was a seeming success until until Roflgator decided to interrogate his fiancee Ninja Moment, testing her worth and sincerity in the marriage. After many questions he was unconvinced and yelled in her face that 'his son' deserves better. Confirming that he sees Vincent as something of an adoptive son.

After the interrogation Roflgator was fuming in anger at the chaos of the wedding ceremony and the presence of 'lolis' and 'furries' among the wedding guests only made it worse. In his twisted digital brain he together with JayceTheMimeLord decided that the best solution was for the wedding to be interrupted. Together they would crash the wedding also ending with the unfortunate death of Vincent's spouse Ninja Moment.

After the tragedy and chaos Vincent ran off upset and distraught. When questioned about the wedding he still - to this day - does not want to talk about it.

Practicing his pickup game on Voltage being guided by Roflgator.

Continued dating game

On Mar 12th, 2019 he was analyzed by the scientist CyberCoffin who attempted to figure out why he fails in all of his dates and offered a possible solution. With some coaching on how to "make him into a real man" he eventually gave up when his results came back inconclusive.

On April 22nd, 2019 Vincent proposed to Percival who said yes. Unfortunately for Vincent, Percival would go missing and if their marriage is still on the table is unknown. Moving on from his missing fiance Vincent later went on dates with TinyEuphoria and PrinzJayce with unsuccessful outcome.

Practicing with Mhai.

On Oct 22nd, 2019 he was wing-manned once again with Roflgator pairing him up with the newly divorced MadLuna. To get him ready for their date together, booked the coming days he got to practice some not-so-innocent pickup lines on Voltage and Mhai.

Twitch Highlight: Teaching Vincent to pick up "chicks"

He went two dates with Cri45 on Oct 25th and then Nov 6th, 2019 but was unfortunately turned down as Cri just wanted to remain friends.

Vincent and Xara

Warrior girlfriend

Vincent was introduced to Xara the Dragon after SciFri met her previously in a public world and figured that her way of speech and mannerisms was very similar to Vincents and brought them together.

They went on a date together on Nov 19th 2019 during a roleplaying event DayZ meets Meechs family and seemed to click.

Twitch Highlight: Vincent and Xara date peepoHappy

Vincent and Xara would later part ways, mutually agreeing not to date any more.

Shotgun wedding with Nyx, you may now kiss the bride

Shotgun marriage to Nyx

Having known Nyx for months prior when visiting the Void Club together with her, Roflgator suddenly snuck up on them, pronounced them husband and wife and read the usual when officiating a marriage.

It was very sudden and out of the blue and if they're actually considered married is up for interpretation.

They would see each other until Nyx Disappeared and no one knows what happen to her.

Aftermath & Bricktown Election 2020

For the Bricktown Election 2020 he was apart of MurderCrumpet's team which he agreed to join,until he later swapped to TheBigMeech's and was chosen for VP until eventually getting replaced by Lanfear.

Being a regular at The Royal Gator and the later reopening at The Golden Gator 2020 Vincent has participated in countless hosted events and game-shows. With his talent of being naturally hilarious he has earned much praise when often appearing on the streams of both MurderCrumpet and Roflgator.

"Tapir Vincent"

Alternate personas and characters

Tapir Vincent

A scuffed looking Tapir, crawling on the floor and sometimes singing something obscure.

Sylvester the Gator petted by The-Wanderer.

Sylvester the Gator

A old elderly gator living in the swamps of Bricktown, he is the grandfather of Crocolol, unlike his grandchildren he is all but a regular gator who is bigger then most gators, he is shown to be curious about the next door Golden Gator 2020.


Vincent in a derpy-looking monster avatar

  • He changed his name from "Vincent X" to "Vincent RX" on August 4th.
  • Vincent's most go to model is Kiryu/MechaGodzilla III from the two millennium Godzilla films "Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla" from 2002, and "Godzilla, Mothra, MechaGodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S". The model itself is from the BANDAI NAMCO game Godzilla.
  • The "Bellymonster" is actually Destroyah from 1995's Godzilla vs Destroyah.
  • Vincent's 'Sea Monster' is actually Gudon from the 1971 series, The Return of Ultraman.
  • Another model is Ultraman Taro from the 1973 Ultraman Taro.
  • The derpy-looking Monster to the right is actually Peguila from 1966's Ultra-Q series.
  • Vincent appears in VRChat in a nutshell 10 as one of the many people bowling.
  • His avatar he now uses is anguirus from the Godzilla franchise and people say the avatar fits him and that it's adorable.
  • He once kissed Mhai and proceeded to ask him to bend over for him.
  • Started using a monster avatar in 2020 which phallic form some say resembles that of a penis. Sometimes referred to as the pengus monster. The monster is from a Japanese movie named Shin Godzilla.[2]
  • Murder Crumpet has an emote in his Twitch stream chat for Vincent showing him raging in his Godzilla pengus monster form.


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