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Viktor is one of many Governors in the employ of the Galactic Union. He is responsible for overseeing the ongoings of the outer ring of Savior City. A section that just so happens to include the most common thorn in the corporations side, Callous Row. He was originally intended to be a Union Governor for a different planet, but was instead sent to Corvanis 3 for being "Too proactive" in trying to actually help.


Viktor Easmine and his ID card

Week 1

Viktor settles in to his day by waking up in his penthouse apartment of the Union Tower, the central tower of the upper ring above Savior City. It's the area containing the central business ongoings and living arrangements for the corporations on Corvanis 3. He is responsible for the Outer Ring of Savior City, which has 36 districts. The main one of interest however, being Callous Row. One of the Union's jobs, and therefore his job, is to act as an intermediary between the Corporations, and as such, Viktors biggest strength is going to lie in being a negotiator.

He spent the entirety of the day talking to corporate officials, trying his best to make himself known to every corporation and making sure they would reach him if the union's services were ever required.

Week 2

After spending most of his time in the uppercity, speaking to most corporate members, having a meeting with Coach Eric and finally getting to know the Secretary of The Board and their assistant, Viktor decided to head into the row and conduct some less official business.

After entering the Row, Viktor inquired about the mayor and where he could find him, meeting several members of the Row, among which is Jimmy. After locating the bank, he quickly noticed a familiar face entering said establishment, and after investigating, he stood face to face with Gregor Loch Brunswick, a Union and Corporate war criminal.

Viktor approached Loch within the bank, immediately revealing to Loch that he knew who he was. In surprise, Loch shrugged, pulled out a gun and asked him how he knew who he was, to which Viktor calmly replied that he was the Governor of the outer ring of the city, and that he worked with the Union. This revelation made Loch lower his gun, but it did not stop his inquiry about the knowledge of his identity. Viktor responded by telling him everyone knew who he was after the shit he pulled, clearly referring to the attack on the Sonitii jump gate after the cease fire was called, to which Loch responded by stating that no one should know that he is here. After some inquiry about Loch's work, they decided to move their conversation to the private room in the bank.

Viktor and Loch had a wide conversation, they spoke about their past, Viktor's objective, their views of the world, their job, and Viktor gave Loch plenty of information with the objective of earning his trust. After all, without the help of Callous Row's shadowrunners, he cannot make things worse for the corps. After a plentiful exchange of information and opinions, Viktor headed out, his mission having been successful. He had earned Loch's trust, and as such, gained an in with all Anti-corp forces in the Row.

After exploring for a bit more, and purposely blowing the cover of some corps, he headed back up to the uppercity and called it a day.

Week 3

A meeting was called by the Secretary of the board, instructing all important corporate representatives to head over to the union offices. During this meeting they received a signal from a Pre-war Union base. It was an SOS that was quickly cut short by what was assumed to be an attack. This made the corporate officials blood run cold as they were now aware of a new threat they knew nothing about, and a possible war.

After some words and discussion with the people of the uppercity, Viktor headed down to talk to Loch and informed him of the situation. He then decided to stay there for a while, and after several encounters in Callous Row with a purple hologram thing, Viktor asked Duncyn, without knowing about his job if he knew anyone who could fix cybernetics. Duncyn introduced himself and took him to the shop.

In here, he explained what he was seeing, and pointed towards the anomaly, to which Duncyn responded by saying that thing was nothing to be worried about and it wouldn't harm him, as it was a project of his. This caused Viktor to reveal his job as the Governor of the outer ring of Savior City, which includes Callous Row. He then stated that no corporation had been able to display a hologram without a projector, much less to only specific people, and then asked him if he expected him to believe that he had causally done something no other corp had done. This caused Duncyn to lie, which wasn't enough to convince Viktor, and after a small interruption, he left.

Once back in the uppercity, he was reached by Sonitii employees who needed to urgently speak with him. Once they entered the Union offices, they explained that a Quixote Ghost had breached their offices and attempted to steal information. After getting caught, they hacked into one of the employees suit and controlled him, before Damien took them out of the offices and the QRF chased and aprehended her. After which, once again, the Ghost hacked into the guards and ran away. Thanks to this, Sonitii requested that the Union set up a meeting with Quixote and worked as mediators to resolve this issue once and for all. With a new plan in mind, Viktor called it a day.

Week 4

Viktor started his day feeling sick, complaining about probably having eaten a bad WOTO cube. After some talk with the secretary he headed out to find people and after failing at that. He went into the offices to do some work for a bit. He then had a quick meeting with the board representatives, and then informed Ellek Myth from Sonitii that he could head over to the Union offices to have their meeting. They took their sweet old time and had a meeting with Nirvana in the meantime regarding the lost union base. Eventually Ellek arrived and a representative of Mars arrived shortly after to also inform themselves on the Sonitii information. Thanks to this meeting, they were able to identify the Decker as Faye, Rooks daughter. Shortly after, Viktor headed down and warned Loch. After some walking around in the row, he called it a day.

Week 5

Viktor began his day having a short conversation with the secretary, and after seeing the begining of a corp meeting, he headed into his office and did some work until he heard about an incident with Hugbots. He spoke to some of the corp representatives about it and then called it a day.

Week 6

Viktor began his day late. After getting out of the offices he wandered around the corp sectors and eventually made his way to the Quixote party. He spoke with the corps, and some of the row residents that headed up, and after Enzo's incident and the attack on Quixote, he had a talk with Ellek.

Week 7

Viktor had a small word with the secretary, and after this and a short trip to Quixote to get their security footage, he headed to a meeting with the Mayor of the row and his worker Jimmothy. During this meeting, he informed them of the Faye situation and the corporate powerstruggle, after which they finished the meeting and went on their way. He wandered around the corp sector for a bit and watched The Situation at Sonitii before calling it a day.

Week 8

Viktor did not leave the offices for this day. (Pure DM times)

Week 9

Viktor left the offices late and spoke to some of the WOTO members, having been notified by Astral. He then had a word with Ian who informed him properly of the arrival of row and wasteland residents on a WOTO ship, however a WOTO member requested his presence for a corp meeting. He witnessed as this strange Taddius man used some sort of magic to see into people. After a while and trying to set up a peaceful punishment to those responsible, he left to have a meeting with Ian. He spoke to them about the Brass King, the constant drama in Savior City, the situation of the Row/wastelanders arrival, the Undercity situation, and everything else. They spoke about what they could do to manipulate things to their advantage. After this, he called it a day.



  • Major Edge - "Friends In Low Places" - Viktor has an in with the shadowrunners of the Row and is able to discreetly fill them in on the corporate ongoings in the Upper City. If he is able to gather enough intel and resources, he could perhaps even hire said shadowrunners for an anti-corp operation.
  • Minor Edge - "Self Security" - Given the Union’s limited access to security forces, Viktor must take measures to protect himself. As such, he never sets out to work without a thin bulletproof vest under his jacket. This allows him to take one extra shot before going down.
  • Minor Edge - "See-See TV" - Viktor‘s Cybereyes allow him to record certain conversations and play them back at a later time. He can currently record 10 minutes worth of information per day (per session). He has an obvious visual tell in his eyes when he starts recording.


  • Major Flaw - "Severe Mana Aversion" - Magic can often be unpredictable and dangerous, this much is true for anyone. But for Viktor, Magic carries far more power. Any magical person or object he comes into direct contact with immediately inflicts serious physical damage, including magical healing. To be hit with even a basic damaging spell could be a death sentence for him.
  • Minor Flaw - "Combat Cowardice" - Viktor knows his place is firmly on the bottom of the corporate ladder, not on a battlefield. Therefore he will run yelling and screaming at the first sign of fighting. It’s not running, it’s a tactical retreat.
  • Minor Flaw - "Lightweight" - Viktor can’t handle alcohol to save his life. Every time he tries the stuff, it makes him sick to his stomach.


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