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Viana is a fortune teller living in the Undercity of Callous Row. She was part of the Dark Sisters faction under her teacher Ciara Ní Éabha, however she could not bring herself to be violent and Ciara detached her from it. Her purpose is to find a place in the world where she can relax and do nothing. She lives a lower class lifestyle being a magic user who avoids living on the surface. She is portrayed by Mama Bear.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


She was born to a wealthy family in savior city that pampered her and treated her like a princess, until they realized she had psychic and magical ability. Her family is one of the big supporters of Nirvana and reached out to for help with this, the closest thing in reference they could tie her to was the mythical creatures called a Genie, some cultures call them Djinns, or Oracles.

Unknowing of how much she can really do they put a lock on her mind with help from other organizations and sent her off to live in The Row in order to make sure she is somewhere contained. to Viana's memory she believes she ran away from her family to The Row and only knows nirvana may have a part somehow and refuses to trust any Nirvana agent or corp.

Her memory has been damaged by someone and the only thing she can remember is her father and Nirvana. She believes her father found and kidnapped her but she can not remember what happened after that nor how she ended up plopped back into the undercity of Callous. her only lead right now is to figure out exactly what happened to her while avoiding Nirvana surveillance.


Episode 1

With the quarantine over Vi gets to see her old teacher Ciara and academic friend Kythus again as well as meeting new people who seem to be bringing more colorful auras to the gloomy city. Ciara gave her one last lesson which helped her remember why she loved being so curious about the world around her, but the Sanctum being looted only brought more worry to her mind. With her weird napping habits popping up as well she started stressing out about a lot of things. It seems she might need to figure out who she can trust in this city. There are a few people she has in mind, but she would like to watch them some more.



  • Third Eye - She is very, very observant and intuitive when she isn't being lazy. Things that would usually trick most people she would spot easily, for example illusions, hidden things, and invisible things. Only works if she is paying attention and is not tired from using her eyes.
  • Vibe Check - She can sense people's vibes around her. If they are sad, angry, stressed, worried, or happy she can feel it in the air, but it's up to her if she acts on that though.
  • Puts out a calm aura unknowingly, and seemingly at ease around spirits and things that those might find scary.


  • Thenatophobia- which means she's troubled by the circumstances of dying, which could be reflected in an unusually high fear of violence, especially graphic violence that could be life-threatening.
  • Lack of memory- for some reason she cannot remember specific things about her and her memory is linked to the loss of some magic properties related to her eyes as well as how she even returned to callous
  • Horrible with money- If she acquired any money she would sooner give it away as a gift instead of saving it.


  • Eyes- Hey eyes each have there own magical properties and 4 are in use properly to the extent of her knowledge
    • Aura Sight- Her two normal eyes give her the ability to see peoples auras(the energy that their lifeforce generates) however specific people and things that are not organic she can not see auras of
    • Past Sight- Her third eye on her forehead can see ones past, opening this and closing her other 2 gives her a slideshow, not a full picture and she has to use her intuition to understand what she was shown causing her to sometimes call someone seen in a persons memory a "friend" as that was it seemed to her and cannot tell that persons intentions
    • Future sight- Her middle floating eye above her head can see the future of those she looks at. It operates the same as her past sight, a slideshow of pictures, she cant give names, she can only see places and people


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  • Viana is usually seen carrying a pillow around with her.