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Vessa Chernelle is a young human with a rough past, currently working as a bartender at the Dirty Diamond.

Since getting back up on her feet with the help of Kee’ra Diamond, Vessa has been paying Kee’ra back for her kindness by working at the Dirty Diamond for free. She’s also been exploring the side paths of the Row and learning more about the corporations, Masaru in particular. She is willing to get as close to Masaru as it takes to get information on the official, or officials, who ordered the death of her parents.

Vessa’s recently developed magic has been helpful in keeping people from being too closely interested in her, and she hopes to keep it that way.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Vessa Chernelle was raised on the outskirts of town by poor but loving parents. Loving parents who, after decades of service to Masaru, were “disposed of” for the natural magic wellspring hidden deep under their home. 12-year-old Vessa escaped without being detected by the Masaru agents thanks to her magic, which had slowly been binding with her soul as she grew up over the wellspring.

After escaping, Vessa lived on the streets for five years, learning to sneak, steal, and lie her way through survival. She also tried her best to develop her magic, gaining slightly more control over her abilities to calm, daze, or confuse others and to diffuse tense situations. Around her 17th birthday, Vessa was near-starved from struggling on the streets and approaching death. She was found by Kee’ra Diamond, who took her in and nursed her back to health.

Following this, Vessa has been living with Kee’ra, learning more about magic with her and working as a bartender at the Dirty Diamond for free, loyal to Kee’ra for saving her life. Now that she has the time and health to do so, she is on the hunt for those responsible for the death of her parents.




  • Major - Wellspring - From being raised over a natural wellspring of magic, Vessa is able to use mana for a spell and a ritual.
    • Ritual - Calming Aura - A soothing and persuasive aura that allows Vessa to strongly influence anyone within eye- or earshot of her. This can result in things like lowered tempers, forgetfulness, naps, or feelings of trust and friendliness.
    • Spell - Protected - Vessa’s internal magic will create a brief shield should she ever take life-threatening physical damage.
  • Minor - Scamp - Vessa is extremely stealthy and agile.
  • Minor - Finger-Smith - Vessa is very comfortable with pickpocketing and theft.


  • Major - Reflex Syncope - Vessa is extremely prone to passing out due to the malnourishment she endured throughout her adolescence. Major triggers will cause her to pass out for a minute, and then need to stay seated for another five. Minor triggers will blur her vision and make her dizzy and nauseated.
  • Minor - Stinkin' Vengeance - If Vessa sees a Masaru agent, she feels a strong PTSD-esque repulsion to them. Her first instinct any time one of them is near, is to sneakily get as much information as possible.
  • Minor - Naïve Yet Jaded One - Vessa is somewhat too trusting of kindness and honeyed words, and makes friends in a heartbeat. However, due to much past trauma, if the coloured glass ever cracks in any of her interactions, she becomes heavily distrustful of someone she may have once had a great connection with.
  • Minor - Give Me Candy - Vessa will go to somewhat unreasonable lengths to obtain candy when she wants it.


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