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An aging rebel from a distant sector of the city, Verren has arrived in the Undercity to investigate the rumors of rogue mages. Behind him is a vaguely eluded to past of mistakes, misdemeanors, and misfortunes from his more youthful days where his eagerness to dismantle the forces that oppressed far overshadowed his sense of self-preservation. Occasionally, he'll let slip a story from behind his bar, speaking of times in protests turned riots before catching himself and shifting topics. Before him seems to be a particular interest in matters more magical, and much more community minded. His brief few months with the coven have been dedicated to research in fields of Geomancy and Hydromancy and their possible application to public-engineering, architecture, and community building.

However, as with most people in the Undercity, his day to day focus has been the simple task of surviving and rebuilding a broken district. And now, with the doors to the bar once more open, he seems eager to provide the populace with a place to find brief respite from the harsh world they all find themselves.[1]


Corporate Bounty
Verren currently has a corporate bounty of 500,000; He is considered medium risk target wanted alive by GEB for connections to terrorist organizations, acts of terrorism, and destruction and theft of corporate resources.[2]



  • Major - Jack of All Trades - Throughout his life, Verren has worn many hats out of necessity, picking up bits of pieces of a great many trades and skills that grant him enough knowledge to help a true specialist when called on. When assisting with a roll, Verren grants the other character Advantage (2 rolls) on their checks.
  • Minor - Hold the Line - More than familiar with picket lines turning into lines of engagement, Verren is a crack shot from behind his shield.
  • Minor - Lick Your Wounds - With no formal education but plenty of hands on experience, Verren knows his way around physical trauma enough to know how to patch it up. When treating an injury with supplies, he grants the injured party a +1 on their injury check.
  • Racial - Fleet Footed - While not blessed with the bite force or keen senses of other Lupine, Verren was lucky enough to inherit their speed. He's quick on his feet, and generally faster than the average human.


  • Major - Nose for Trouble - After a long history of exposure to chemical weapons deployed by corporate peacekeepers, Verrens respiratory system has become irreversibly damaged. Smokes, spores, and gas clouds all present a unique danger, effecting him more drastically no matter their effect and- with enough time exposed- possibly risking death by way of opening lesions in his airways.
  • Minor - Haunted - Verren is haunted by the memory of a very specific trauma from his past, one that he relives whenever compressed in a claustrophobic crowd or witnessing a brutal beatdown. Whenever triggered, he finds himself frozen, unable to move or process the going ons around him for a brief time.
  • Minor - Rap Sheet - Haunted in more than just one way, a history of ne'er-do-welling trails Verren from his destructive youth. Anyone with access to corporate level security resources will very easily be able to identify Verren and several past crimes levied against him.
  • Racial - Obligate Carnivore - Similarly, while not cursed with shedding or color-blindness, Verren digestive system demands a protein rich diet and struggles to digest other materials. Failure to consume organic meat will result in fatigue and sluggishness, making him slow and tired.


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