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VeronicaJae is a popular fullbody dancer in VRChat and a just chatting streamer on Twitch. She is known for forming Team Kinetic, a group of fellow minded skilled dancers together with Forceable in 2018.

Aside from dancing she regularly participates in various light-RP, visiting Roflgator's bars, performing on stage and joining in various game-shows.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


In mid 2018 she started working for ThatOneRebel as one of his dancers and in turn at Chipz Night Club, back when he used to run Club Rogue. Here she would often join and dance and earned the nickname "The Queen".

Giving a brutal dragon kick against Mute Max when fighting in the battle arena

In Sept 2018 she was employed as a part-time dancer in Roflgators bar The Golden Gator. Since being employed by the mischievous alligator robot she's also been placed in various pit fights at the battle arena. When fighting she mixes dancing into her fighting style.

In Nov 2018 she started dancing at Neko Nights Night Club which might cause some problems down the road for a particular gator.

On Jan 8th, 2019 she went on a date of sorts with Joey Bagels on the J4key X Joey event.

On June 9th, 2019 she participated in a competition at Necro Nights and made it to the finals but lost to P I K A.

In Oct 2019 she was interviewd by ThatOneRebel on his Late Night with Rebel talkshow.[1]

On Nov 11th, 2019 she went on a date with XXXNicole when also attending Necro Nights.

She debuted a custom avatar on May 20th 2020 based on herself.[2]

She made a short cameo in The Gay Bar vs The Swamp silly RP arc on Mar 13th 2020 and was healed by Antonios legendary kisses.

She impressed on stage with her dancing[3] and won first place in the dating game competition in Soda and xQc Elimination Dating on April 3rd 2020. Notably she seductively fed a juicy burger to the bachelors.[4]

In Aug 2020 VeronicaJae was recruited into Roflgators Council of Evil and later hired as an employee for his Neko Cafe The Golden Gato and now works there as a manager. Together they compete against Murder Crumpets bar "The Crimson Crumpet" since he renamed it from "The Golden Gator".

She participated in The Golden Gator Halloween Fashion Show and later The Golden Gator 2020 Christmas Fashion Show.


  • She is often referred to as the "The Queen" by many.
  • She once gave Chipz and Lanfear a dance, supposedly for something Chipz did once.
  • She is known to hang out around a large number of people and different social circles, including JunkratWaifu and HaWXx.
  • She has attended multiple of Roflgators IRL podcasts along with other streamers and other VRChat personalities.
  • Because of her name having a number, chat and Blu Haze started teasing her with the nickname J4🔑 (with a key emoji). She is not very fond of it.


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