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Vanto Ruve was a siphan municipal worker employed by the Galactic Union to handle waste management and maintain industrial systems in the Undercity. He gathered garbage, tended and watched over the trash collected to burn in the incinerators when there are no other pressing matters.

Quixote had originally hired him to test out new prototype drones, but he has since been released due to workplace conflict.



Vanto had been planting bombs, rigging many grenades together all over "The Death Flag" tavern, intending to kill its owner, the pirate captain William Vossler. Located in The Undercity water district the captain and his daughter Angelina make up "the Greasepalms" family. After seeing multiple enemies of his enter the tavern all at once Vanto saw his moment and decided to detonate the bombs remotely. From his shop across the street he saw A2, the leader of the gang known as "Cell" from The Row, as well as Quixote Corporation aligned.

In the blast Duncyn was killed and Mika completely destroyed. Angelina and William were injured while IS-01 and BR-16 damaged.

Held up by A2 and Greasepalms moments before being executed

Going out with a bang

After getting treated at medical and witnessing Duncyn die in front of her, A2 returns to the docks in a rage and seeing Vanto hovering around the scene of the crime she confronts him. After questioning him she quickly accuses him of being guilty of the bombing. The wounded Greasepalms and more Quixote guards arrive. Shortly after the accusation A2 shoots Vanto, not liking his nonchalant responses and fires at him once more. Tiring of him for good Kraver tells everyone to kill him and they all start gunning him down in a public execution without any due process.

As if to add sugar on top of the dynamite cake - when Vanto died, a dead man's switch was triggered. As Vanto's heart stops another 10 pounds of C4 on his person detonates. This time the additional explosives devastate the gathering that amassed around the spectacle, sending a shockwave followed by shrapnel in all directions.

In the surroundings Samuel is fatally injured and later passes away while getting medical treatment at the clinic. A Quixote guard, Phil, Hadwyn and Mercury are all injured with Lucio getting his wings blown off by shrapnel. Further away Levi and Polka suffer minor wounds.

Highlight Video: Vanto Ruve, The Reminder



  • Major - "Advanced Drone" - Vanto is in the possession of a drone with which he has a mental link. He can take direct control of this drone while in a near-unconscious state. He heavily relies on this drone for interacting with areas outside of his level of comfort. This drone can perform complex tasks, but it is limited by weight and range. This mental link does send a biological feedback to Vanto’s body, so he tries not to have it take damage while using it.
  • Minor - "Mechanical Aptitude" - As a siphan and someone who lives as a machine on the regular, he has a knack for operating mechanical devices such as drones, vehicles, and industrial tools.
  • Minor - "Cold Blooded" - With body heat that matches the environment, Vanto is harder to detect and may bypass thermal-based security systems, visors, and weapons.


  • Major - "Cold Blooded" - Possesses a limited or nearly nonexistent ability to generate his own body heat. When the temperature drops to a certain point, he suffers a reaction similar to an allergy; another drop causes him to slip into a coma until his body heat reaches an acceptable level again.
  • Minor - "Night Blind" - Siphans are a race that have adapted to bright areas, and Vanto has stared at flames as if they were the sun. Shadows are more intense to him, and dim lighting appears closer to darkness.
  • Minor - "Pyromaniac" - Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lit something on fire? Turns out, it burns. His first instinct to seeing fire is to simply watch, no matter what is burning.


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