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Valerie Filly ("Valerie" to her boss or "Miss Filly" around the office) is a genetically engineered horse girl designed for a touring Trident dressage show. The show was not particularly successful, but being in the area and notably bored at the time. Terrance Reynolds visited to see for himself and demand explanation, only to find the project horribly mis-managed and over budget. Crying loudly "This god damn HORSE could do a better job than this idiot." Valerie took her chance to show that she had, in fact, personally recalculated the entire budget during the space of his visit. After firing the head of the show, Mr Reynolds took it upon himself to bring Valerie on as a personal secretary. Originally he did this to avoid doing the general math of his work himself, but she has quickly proven invaluable to Terrance Reynolds more times than even she can count.

She enjoys her status, and retains bitterness for her past. She believes herself to be above every mascot TRIDENT Corporation has, and notably looks down on them. Meticulous in detail and fanatic in devotion to her boss. She truly cares about the running of the corporation and throws herself into every administrative task she can.


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  • Deaf and Mute - Valerie is made from an imperfect genetic splice designed for cosmetic appearance only and her vocal cords remain that of a horse, likewise her ears are non-functioning. She gets around this via the use of her Visor which both speaks for her and translates the conversations around her. She also uses a data pad, holo-workspace and occasionally a holo-stylus.
  • The Boss above All - If Valerie is set a task by Mr Reynolds she will ignore everyone in between her and that task until it is complete, unless they pose a direct threat to Mr Reynolds or TRIDENT.


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