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Who are the VRChat Staff?

The "VRChat Staff" or "VRChat Team" are people who are employed by or work for VRChat who also have a presence playing the game.

In roleplaying circuits 'staff' or 'moderators' are often jokingly referred to as gods.


The VRChat Legends Wiki focuses on the players and the culture of the players, not the technical aspects of the game. For technical help and guidance please visit:

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  • VRPill
  • Ruuubick
  • Ron
  • Tupper
  • Aev
  • Noe
  • Cubedparadox
  • Jesse
  • Hackspanner
  • Gunter
  • gg67
  • System
  • Euan
  • MehStrongBadMeh
  • Kung
  • Nyx
  • Sacheverell
  • Mr_Squiggly
  • momothemonste
  • Spark
  • strasz
  • Afromana AND MANY MORE