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Arcad Jan 8th 2021 37 Rikky glare.png
Rikky Raclette is a rare example of a rat-kin that has managed to achieve some success on the social ladder. Where most of his kind are crude, violent, and despicable - Rikky is subtle (in addition to all the previous qualities). He has made a name for himself by expertly diverting suspicion when committing treachery and absorbing all credit when adjacent to success. He is currently employed by WOTO Corporation as the head chef.

In Callous Row Season 2 Rikky is one of the most pivotal characters, dealing with every major threat Savior City faces. He has journeyed through the wasteland to discover a 2nd veiled world, ventured into the necromancers lair to talk with powerful spirits, and made high-stakes corporate deals to ally against the incoming alien threat.

Portrayed by: Criken

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