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What was the VRChat Community?

The VRChat Community Discord was at the time it was active, one of the largest Unofficial VRChat Community with a staggering 9k+ members. The server was a hub for all VRChat Content Creators, sub-communities and players to chat, take part in events and make lasting friendships. The Community Discord was generally seen to be more social than the Official VRChat Discord and makes it easier to create friendships outside of VRChat as well as in game.

The VRChat Community Discord even has dedicated channels for help making VRChat Avatars and Worlds as well as a channel for sharing your VRChat name to find new friends in game.

The server frequently use to host a wide range of events, with many VRChat content creators that have joined including Nagzz21Ashunera, KuriGames, Eret, MaTSix, Rad, Ryan, Leeroy, Jakkuba, Nurfee, Jameskii and many more!

This server is not to be confused with the Official VRChat Discord.

Downfall of A Once Big Community

With VRChat out of the spotlight on social media, and the Ugandan Knuckles Invasion of 2018 finally stopping in the beginning of 2019, a lot of people started to forget about VRChat and the VRChat Community. Content Creators moved on with their lives and started playing other popular games, and the Discord that was the biggest VRChat Community at the time started to lose members. Now down to 8k members, and less people talking on the Discord itself these days. It is a now a desolate place of its former self, of what was the biggest VRChat Community at the peak of its time.

(Note: Inactive does not mean they have stopped playing VRChat, Members that are Inactive do not talk in the community anymore, please understand and note that.)


The VRChat Community Discord (formerly the VRChat Fan Group Discord) was created on the 20th of November 2017 by LothricKnight as a fan server for Nagzz21 who had refused to create a fan Discord server at the time.

For the first few weeks of the server's existence it grew relatively slowly and reached around 200 members before Nagzz first agreed to share it on his weekly community streams. The server has continuously grown since then reaching 8,000 total members on the 16th of April 2018.

The server was a launching point for many other Content Creator and community discord servers as it was one of first large VRChat focused servers outside of the Official VRChat Discord. Due to its rapid growth and incredible levels of activity, many people felt encouraged to start servers of their own with a similar structure. This led to activity and growth declining over time as the community became dispersed over multiple servers. Despite this, it is still by far the largest community-run VRChat related Discord server and remains very active to this day!

(Special thanks to Eret for creating this section!)

Staff/Old Staff/Notable VRChat Figures