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The VALKYRIE Corporation or "VALKYRIE Industries" is one of the ruling mega-corporations of the galaxy and is specialized in the manufacturing of weapons, ammunition, and armor. They lean towards more traditional ballistics and natural materials, preferring the practical and affordable application of combat instead of the super bleeding edge of tech.

Commanding a strong and heavily armed military, they are a force to be reckoned within the galaxy.

On planet Hellion, their HQ is situated in the Upper City section of Salvation City.



VALKYRIE creates weapons as a way of life. Their instruments of destruction can be seen in every corner of the galaxy and they strive each day to prove to their rivals that the practical option beats the impractical. The gunslinger beats the samurai.


VALKYRIE is one of the military corporations and as such has a breathtaking amount of armaments and an impressive standing army size.


VALKYRIE tends to solve its problems with bullets. They have no problem with collateral damage.


VALKYRIE tends to use ancient aestetics in their designs to capture the feeling of a different time, the "Spirit of the Gunslinger".

Notable Lore

Season 2 Lore

Season 1 Lore

VALKYRIE held multiple runs through The Row and had several of their transports robbed by Rook and his mercenary rebels The Shattered Legion.

They have access to specific mage-killing bullets that originally belonged to the SHOMETSU, hinting at hostilities and bitter rivalry between Mars and the other corporations.

As a response to the thefts, Mars launched one of the runs led by General Cidd also called "Big Daddy" Cidd, he led his forces through there. Mars sent a unit specifically to retrieve the rebel leader, but the denizens of the Row did not give him up or hand him over. They left several wounded but noone was killed, except on their own side. The tense moment was disarmed by another corporate figure from the MASARU corporation known as Kei Noriaki. They struck some kind of deal that ended the hostilities for the moment.

Recently a skirmish between Mars forces and SHOMETSU took place on the streets of the Row, leaving many dead on both sides. Thanks to the mediating from Mayor Coach Eric, a ceasefire and evacuation was eventually ordered.

Notable VALKYRIE characters

Season 3 Characters

Season 2 Characters

Season 1 Characters

  • General Cidd - A staunch and strict military figure.
  • Leiutenant Lynn - Formerly loyal but betrayed her superior Cidd.
  • Desmond - Used to be in the genetically modified soldiers program as a child. Now and Ex-SOLDIER his loyalty to the corporation today is near non-existent.
  • Celeste - Formerly worked for the corporation but was reprogrammed by Dr. Cellulose Universe to serve her as a security and medical droid.


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