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V4-Q is apparently a cleaning synth, though she's a little hesitant to talk about her origins- the vacuum doesn't exactly look like it's always been part of her. She helps out at Devil's Details in the Undercity, where she's a technician.

She has a hard time trusting organics due to the typical treatment of sentient synths and the lack of basic rights for synths, and dreams of one day doing something about it.[1]


Corporate Bounty
V4-Q currently has a corporate bounty of 250,000; They are considered low risk target wanted operational and in tact by Avalon for destruction and theft of corporate data and resources. They are recorded as confused and possibly unwell.[2]



  • Major Edge: Vacuum Filtering V4-Q can use her vacuum arm to assist her with salvaging tech parts.
  • Minor Edge: Waterproof V4-Q doesn't need to worry about her systems being damaged by water, even if fully submerged.
  • Minor Edge: Reduced Energy Usage V4-Q's battery charges in half the time as a normal synth, as long as she has a supply of food to put in her bio-reactor.


  • Major Flaw: [redacted]
  • Minor Flaw: [redacted]
  • Minor Flaw: Cibophobia V4-Q finds organic processes like eating to be disgusting, and has issues with any foods that are not extremely processed- and seeing anyone else eating food repulses her.



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