UzuriMia or just "Uzu" for short is a Twitch Streamer, VTuber dancer and roleplayer in VRChat. Aside from VRChat she also livestreams drawing artwork.

She's known for portraying her lewd half-demon dancer character who works at a bar named The Royal Gator. Before this she started at The Golden Gator, a luxurious place in the shady parts of downtown Bricktown, a fictional city located somewhere in New York.

Her charming Chicago girl dialect and mannerism often shines through her character earning her the nickname "Chicago Girl".

In April 2020 she joined Ascension Academy RP portraying the character Narali Lagomora.

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History and Lore

Backstory as a stray cat

Uzu was not born a human - she lived the beginning of her life as a cat. She has the unusual background of growing up on city streets as a stray, fending for herself and raising a litter of kittens until a series of tragic and strange events transformed her and gave her demonic powers.

Her litter of kittens were harassed by human kids who found pleasure in torturing animals. When she tried to defend them she was beaten down and all of her kittens taken from her and killed. In her rage her vengeful soul attracted a strange demonic entity when wishing for an opportunity to enact her revenge. The entity offered her magical powers and transformation in exchange for turning her into a demon. She accepted.

Dancing on the bar counter together with Darling.

Dancer at The Golden Gator

On Mar 17th, 2019 she was interviewed by Roflgator as he was looking for new dancers at his bar. Giving a good impression, sharing interests in pizza parlors and not minding the creepier patrons she was hired.

On Mar 24th, she participated in a Beauty Pageant hosted by Roflgator competing against Zombie Girl, Kyana, Emily, Jogie and S0ryana among others. Unfortunately she ended up loosing to Zombie Girl who was titled Miss VRChat.

Further information: Miss Bricktown Beauty Pageant

Dragon marriage triangle

Darling married to both UzuMia and IceDragon?

When Darling was confronted about being pregnant with Zapdecs baby on April 4th Uzu piped in that she and Darling were already married. They had apparently had a short one-off shotgun wedding, Vegas style. Strangely this meant that Darling were married to both her and IceDragon at the same time, forming a strange marriage love triangle. This was the same day that Darling broke up with IceDragon.

On April 9th Roflgator walked in on her being together with Norii and IceDragon, the guys "double-teaming" in the back room of the bar. After their sexual encounter she and IceDragon went on a proper date together, this being particular since they had both been coupled with Darling formerly. Her employer Roflgator expressed his surprise of how different they are, never figuring them to be a fitting couple. Uzu explained that opposites attract. After the proper date with IceDragon they were spotted dancing romantically.

Participating and showing off in a session of Spot The Trap!.

Beyond Bricktown

On April 22nd her boss Roflgator tried to pimp her out in exchange for R3dzDead to drop criminal charges put against him but she refused. The charges warranted his arrest for giving up R3dz into slavery to slime ranchers, in order to save his own skin.

She was tricked into selling drugs by Roflgator on April 29th who afterwards ratted her out, getting her arrested and put in jail by Officer Bearly.

Becoming worker at The Royal Gator she occasionally offers intimate dances. She delivered a killer of a dance to a ZilverK, a high class customer.

Calming down Kuri.


Uzu was introduced to Kuri on Aug 28th 2019 and later calmed him down multiple times when he got enraged.

Prone to anger and fits of rage the mercenary Nephalem has a weakness whenever his powers or mission gets questioned. Uzu being the calm and friendly person she is managed to soothe him each time, preventing mishaps. Seeing them together her employer Roflgator tried to match-make them, wing-manning being his prime directive. On him insisting on her giving Kuri an intimate dance, she did and they were booked on a date the following days.

Twitch Highlight: Kuri meets Uzu

On Sept 8th, she went on a date with the impatient Kuri. He kept insisting on having other more important matters and missions to attend to but some onlookers might spy that he was interested even though never admitting it. Sadly he eventually had enough of the dating farce and left her.

Dancing for ZilverK

Uzu the entertainer

Having bartended and danced at the bar for about a year she was hired as head entertainer and recruiter of new talents at The Royal Gator for its 2020 re-opening. During a time away her job was almost stolen by MaloneGames but she got it back.

She also participating in several competitions and game-shows for example Sexiest of The Royal Gator Competition.

She was re-hired to work for The Golden Gator 2020 on June 10th until Roflgator made a strange decision to fire all non-mute workers and make the bar employees mute exclusive.

She participated in the 2020 Christmas fashion show at The Golden Gator.

Viktoria the orgasmic

Alternate roleplaying personas


Viktoria Vandertunt was a one-off character invented during a bachelor elimination dating gameshow hosted by Roflgator on April 3rd. She suffers from persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) meaning that she is constantly aroused and keep having orgasms with little provocation.

In the game-show competition she vied for Wilburs affection but eventually ended up loosing to Claudio.

Serenity - A curvy robot dancer


Serenity is an android robot that dances at The Galactic Gator.

Cleo of Callous Row


Cleo is a Tabaxi who lives in the slums of Callous Row. She works as an exotic dancer as a dayjob but in secret pilfers extra profits by stealing.

Narali Lagomora

Narali Lagomora is her character when participating in Ascension Academy RP.


  • She had a short shotgun wedding with Darling - Vegas style.
  • IRL she's a digital illustrator, does a bit of voice acting and can touch her nose with her tongue.
  • She referred to "Slime Girl" as "Lily".


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