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If your article was marked with a neutrality disputed or candidates for deletion notice this means that you have to rewrite them so that they follow our Rules and Community Guidelines or they risk being removed!

Editing tips

Pen.png Article writing tips
  • Put yourself in the mindset of someone reading the article for the first time.
  • Can people quickly find the information relevant to what they're looking for?
  • Can unnecessary info be moved out into a separate article?
  • Does the article use formatting and headers similar to previous articles?
  • Is something already covered in a separate article that you can link to instead?
  • Stay factual. Writers should not make up information or leave personal opinions.
  • Make it clear if something is out-of-character (not roleplay), or save it for the Trivia section.
  • Respect the integrity and private life of the real people portraying the characters.
  • You can find further writing tips in the Template:Cleanup.