When I stumbled upon VR videos in my recommended feed, Nagzz was among the lineup of videos that were there. Many months ago, I was chatting with The Chronicle Writer about creating a lore wiki that would detail the many roleplaying adventures, storylines and narratives that were created by the community of VRChat and so we did... now we have over 600 pages on this wiki and that is absolutely amazing!

This little community is doing an awesome job contributing and putting in 'lore' that is fun and interesting to read. Even though I don't have the tech or the money to fully immerse myself in VRChat (only in desktop mode), this is my way of giving back to the community. (Can we break 100 pages? Who knows...) Lynxlayer (talk) 14:15, May 14, 2018 (UTC)

UPDATE: As of May 27, 2018. We have hit 100+ pages!

UPDATE #2: As of Oct 31, 2018. We have surpassed 600+ pages! I applaud the many efforts of the editors and contributors! 💜

My favourite pages...

  • Nagzz21 - The first entry of this wiki (one of my favourite pieces :D)
  • Lanfear - The most chronicled lore entry by far and a joy to read about. (A big thanks to Lamango who's done a wonderful job in contributing to the community and the wiki.)
  • The Crossover Chronicle - A big crossover that united multiple communities in VRChat creating a very unique RP event. A very good read with eight parts.

My lore page

Here is my own lore page that was created by prolific lore scholar Lamango.

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