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The IRL Lamango

Hi, I'm known in the community as Lamango, but my IRL name is actually Ryan. I'm 32 years old from the New England area of the USA.

If you want to read about the fictional Lamango, go right ahead, he's below this little blurb. This is just something to tell you about me and why I do this.

Before VRChat, hell, before even the internet, I loved writing and drawing little scenarios. I suffer from depression, ADHD, and anxiety attacks, so doing that kinda stuff helped calm some of the nerves. 

Some people see me in chats being 'aggressive' and 'moody', but I'm actually just being a shit poster. I'm sure many people who are featured on this wiki can attest to me 'being a softy' at heart. My sense of humor branches from multiple things, from Jim Henson's the Muppet Show, 80's Wrestling, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Beavis and Butthead, Whose Line is it anyways and a slew of other things. By 2008, I found the Vinesauce community, my first internet home, and then by 2010, I found the newLegacyInc community.

My favorite story to tell though, is before VRChat got as big as it is now, before it was even an outlet for people to RP in, back in late 2017, when only three people streamed it regularly. I was a regular in Captain Sea's chat as he went around VRChat exploring. One night, Nagzz happened to be in the chat, and I consider Nagzz my closest, oldest friend in this community as of now. It helps that we're both pushing thirty, from New England and share a similar sense of humor.

As the community grew, Nagzz made videos, more and more people started to play VRChat, and soon, it got to the level of where it is today. But me, being unable to do things to like, donate, subscribe or even gift things to people, felt like I couldn't do anything to return the favor of what VRC has done for me. So in a sense, this Wiki is my way of repaying the endless amounts of laughter, love and warmth this community has given to me.

I wanna thank Nagzz, Lanfear, Egg,  Oathmeal, Duracity, Stealth, KimplE, Zentreya, Saranavii, Shiro, Kirbynite, Oogiesgirl, Kuri, Ashunera, Lucky, Mocha, Foxe, Summarill, Rebel, Minerva and everyone, for even accepting me into this community and hell, even accepting my friend request on Discords. There's over 100 of you that I consider my buddies, and if you ever need anything, I'm here to listen, give a second opinion from a different view point if need be.

Again, just...Thank you.

As of 2022, I've taken a big step back from editing, but will still pop up time to time. Life is hectic right now so it's easy to lose track of things.

Lamango's profile

"It usually takes a monster to beat a monster."


Born in a fishing village on the coast of Hanabi, Japan, Haru Nakajima(Lamango's original name) helped his father since age five (mending torn nets, helping unload catches). By age fourteen, he was contacted by a mad woman claiming to be a scientist. She 'recruited' (kidnapped) him into being the first volunteer for her plans on mass producing living weapons.

Obviously, scared, and now, genetically manipulated, Haru escaped. Diving into the ocean and hiding out (able to breath under water due to the gene-manipulation.)

Dubbing himself dead by 1954 and renaming himself as 'Kaijura', he now appeared yearly, watching his parents live on (Until the Mad Woman took control of his mind and forced him to attack his own village, killing his family and his then girlfriend, Mizuno.). He also met a fellow victim from the mad woman, named Kojikawa Kobayashi. Kojikawa and Kaijura fought for a while, until the mind of Kobayashi was cleared by a powerful upper cut from Kaijura, freeing him of the woman's control.

Kobayashi has since been Kaijura's friend ever since, being ever loyal and usually with in an arms reach away from the man who freed him.

It became apparent that more and more people were turned into living weapons, some being happy with it, such as Tomoyuki Tanaka, who gleefully slaughtered anyone in his way. The two fought, and with Kojikawa and a new alley named Shigeru Kawamura, they made Tanaka retreat.

Through the years, Kaijura made many friends and enemies, and after his second adopted child renamed him 'Lamango' he took on the name fully. He then discovered, by 1993, humans hated them for how strong and different they were, and made it a mission to bring his newfound friends and family to a deserted island where they lived with a few humans who followed.

Space Pirate Ways

Living in peace on the island was well and good, but the fact they had to scare off suspicious boats from the coast got taxing. By 1995, Lamango found an ancient relic, a functioning space ship at the bottom of the central lake of the island. By 1999, it was up and running, named Garumada, and Lamango and his friends left the Earth for a more peaceful existance.

However, having an unlicensed space ship full of 'freaks', word gets around and soon, he was labeled a 'space pirate'. He was anything but, as he found a planet, unnamed and uncultured, renaming it 'Odo' and moving there.

The crew and Lamango spend most of their days traveling to neighboring galaxies to remove 'problem creatures' and relocating them to Planet Odo, until 2017, when his body started to disagree with him, and he longed to return to Earth.

As of now, Lamango's slowly approaching Earth to see how it changed, and was quite shocked to see a mansion floating by Saturn's Rings.

Involvement in the Crossover:

Though not actively taking part, Lamango has made a few appearances. It's speculated that the ship that sometimes flies over Club Rogue is Lamango, observing from the distance. Also, his tech genius, Nezu, seemed to have 'hacked' a number of of the cameras the people on VRChat world uses and relays the information to Lamango.

Recent Times:

Sadly, Lamango's sister ship, Shockirus, was attacked by Tomoyuki Tanaka on his way back to Earth. With a single tackle, the ship was destroyed, sending Lamango and several of his crew mates crashing down all around VRChat. Injured, Lamango took to the ocean, swimming to a deserted island where he has little contact with people. It is unknown if he's currently in primal mode as a survival method.


Lamango recently was seen living near an ocean port of a city, running a shop/bar. It's also rumor'd he's one of the creative minds behind the mysterious Inner Tube TV in the back of an electronics shop.

Lamango also acts as the 'manager' of three bands put together for Inner Tube TV and almost always is in the recording booth listening to them.


Lamango isn't one to use powers. He has a few, but he prefers to get close and personal when fighting. Ever since his bio-remake, he's gained a few trademark powers:

  • Regeneration: Depending on the damage sustained, Lamango's regeneration can either heal it instantly, or slowly. (I.E.: His scar on his chest.)
  • Amphibious: This was his earliest hint he was changed. He can survive extended times underwater at a depth of 30,000 fathoms with no effect on his body. He can stay submerged for years if he wanted.
  • Kinetic Punch: A more recent power he discovered, he seems to be able to focus his energy into his hands and hit with enough force to dent an oil tanker. (This hurts him, though, as if he uses it too much, his bones in his arms and hands fracture to the point of shattering.)
  • Pulse: Similar to his Kinetic Punch, he usually only uses this when overwhelmed. Focusing his energy into his fist then sending it back out in his own body causes a kinetic pulse capable of launching cars seven feet into the air. (If used too much, he can greatly injure his internal organs, sending him into a fit of shock or catatonic state.)
  • Strength: Lamango's main form of defense and offense is his incredible strength, and when you back that up with his regeneration and durability, he's sometimes a living tank, taking abusive levels of damage before faltering back to regain his composure and heal slightly.


This is a state that Lamango isn't even aware that exists. It's usually reached when he is at his limit, on the verge of death. It was compared to Hulk Hogan's Hulking Out by Kojikawa. Tell tale signs of this form are when Lamango gains a more hunched over look, starts clacking his teeth together, his two incisors grow into almost fangs, his nails elongating into claws, and his eyes blank out. A record of this was found in the Mad Woman's original lab:

"When entering the 'Primal', Test Subject 01 becomes at least twice as strong, resistant to pain, and more set on killing. It was noted that he disemboweled my Prometheus in one swipe of his claw. He does not communicate well in this form, either silently starring or releasing a very low pitched hum from his throat. It also should be noted his regeneration during this time either becomes slow, to the point of stopping, or overclocks itself.

His fight with my Ginka was more gruesome, as he actively bit down on my security's neck, slowly dragging him into the waters. Slowly, one by one, renders of flesh of Ginka came to the surface. He also reached this form when Test 'Shikkon' was created and targeted his 'child'. Another one he fought in this form was Hira-Jin, a cyborg I created to abduct future subjects. It is unknown what triggered his Primal at this time, as he just suddenly exploded out of a building and tore my cute little cyborg to pieces as it screamed. He spoke his only full sentence in this encounter while Primal. 'True Ruler of Earth'."

These same notes revealed Mad Woman's surname, Oniyama.

Lamango has NO memories of these incidents, and his friends don't talk about it. It's assumed he has attacked all of them at least once when in this form, as Kojikawa has teeth marks on his neck from 1955 that strangely fit Lamango's bite pattern.

The Primal has actually spread, being present in Kojikawa, Shigeru, and several other of Lamango's friends. Reports of an eerie blue glow appearing at the sides of Lamango's mouth have been noted when he reaches this state. Kojikawa had this to say:

"I never seen my brother like this. I hate it. Especially when he starts responding to voices we can't even hear."


Since he's usually front and center with battling, usually hand to hand, many weaknesses were found out.

Electricity. It depends on the voltage, but usually, it can make Lamango slow down and reconsider things, to falling on the floor, smoke coming from his mouth.

Mind control. The Mad Woman found out Lamango, and most of his close friends, are easy to manipulate due to their more primitive minds.

Cold. It's suspected the M.W. injected Lamango with reptile DNA at some point. He can usually found basking on sun-heated rocks, in hotsprings, or even on top of his space ship. It has been witnessed that the cold temperatures can send him into an almost daze, to full on hibernation until the weather clears.

Alternatively, he is also able to become over heated, and tell tale signs of this are when steam actually drifts off his body.

Slowness. Being 7 feet tall and possibly over 300 lbs means Lamango's not as agile as he thinks he is, and this can be used against him.


Like any old brawler, Lamango suffered some serious injuries, usually from protecting others from the wrath of his own enemies, these include:

  • His right arm being broken and targeted repeatedly by the enemy, only being held on by the flesh.
  • His right eye is somehow, a target by many attacks, and as such, can't see properly out of it.
  • The include sludge from Banno landing directly in it.
  • Kumon Speiga's venom stinger getting wedged in it.
  • Due to punching Banno, a being of acidic sludge and putrid flesh, his right hand has been scarred, when it originally, was stripped down to the bone, tendons, and muscles.
  • His left shoulder gets attacked a lot, getting a spear like vine impaled through it, injecting it with acidic sap.
  • Another time was when a flying space pirate sliced into.
  • He suffered a massive burn on his back when he attempted to stop a war monger, who fired all their weapons at him, setting his flesh ablaze.
  • There's actually a big scar under his hair from when a pirate smashed his head several times with a grappling hook.
  • Currently, his right leg seems to be locking up, it's unknown why. Rumor has it a creature pinned him down, grabbed his ankle and snapped it in a dozen places.
  • His most famous injury is the massive scar over his ribcage, when Oniyama, the mad woman, slammed a massive drill used to burrow through the Earth into his chest. This wound took over five years to scar over and he's still feeling the effects from it.


  • His crew consists of over 50 people.
  • To test how strong he was, Lamango ran as fast as he could into an on-coming train. Both didn't come out of the accident looking good.
  • He has limited regeneration. Depending on the wounds he gets, and how bad they are, it can take minutes to years to heal.
    • Co-siding with the regen, his body has many scars. His most prominent one is the large one he received while fighting the Mad Woman. She rammed a drill arm into his chest and turned it on. The scar is there to this very day.
  • His right eye has been injured four times, and it doesn't seem to function as well as it should.
  • A signature way to tell if Lamango's underwater near by is if the lake has an eerie blue glow. It's unknown what exactly causes the glow, but it's speculated that it's his eyes.
  • When he killed Mizuno, his first girlfriend, he has been single since.
  • He is a huge fan of wrestling and often incorporates boxing and wrestling moves in with his usual brawling style. His favorite move to date is the Flying Hammer Lock, great for dislocating shoulders.
  • All he really wants is to see if the Earth is ready for him and his crew to return.
  • His favorite foods are fish (raw or cooked, or live), fruits, and anything spicy.
  • Lamango used to be a smoker, but quit back in 1976.
  • Despite being over 7 feet tall, he's very self conscious, afraid that his height and his outward appearance would make it harder for him to approach women.
  • The Mad Woman has boasted that Lamango can be burnt or dismembered until there is nothing left, as only a cell is needed to reform him fully. However, this would take at least 40 years to reach a child like state. Lamango has voiced how he never wants to experience this.
  • His skin is tough enough to withstand multiple gun shots.
  • Lamango's creation was when Wiki editor Lamango slammed a bunch of keys together in an RP Chat back in 1997 called Chatzone (god I miss that place) and was used in several RP forums on Geocites, such as a Tenchi Muyo fan page, and even an InuYasha fan page. He's changed a lot over the years, used to be more 'reptile' like a certain character in the Slayers series, possess wings, and even a tail. He lost these by 2005, since they really weren't needed.
  • Lamango's original personality could be compared to Rowdy Roddy Piper, WWE Legend, but over the years, he became softer and softer, especially when he adopted his daughter. His new personality, a protective, lovable oaf, could be seen as a tribute to Mick Foley's ManKind persona.
  • His usual methods of fighting are up close and personal, but he does have hidden powers he doesn't remember using.
  • Lamango enjoys to dabble in music sometimes, usually finding himself behind a keyboard, synthesizer or piano.
  • He has a huge 'father figure' personality, usually going out of his way to protect youngsters.
  • Refers to songs he enjoys as 'religion'.
  • He doesn't have much in the way of cloths. Usually, his normal wear is what's seen in his picture, but he also possesses a tux which he tore the sleeves off of, a grid-pattern zoot suit, and a dark green kimono. He also has a necklace of bones he sometimes wears.
  • He is the reason his parents are dead. By 1956, he was controlled by the Mad Woman, sent to destroy the very fishing Village he grew up in. Over 100 were injured, 44 people were killed. He has no recollection of this.
  • His 'family' is very dysfunctional. His 'brother', Tezuka Noyuki, code named Shikkon, actively tried to kill Lamango's adopted children. His 'sister', Emika 'Gaea' Shinogani, was created by Dr. Oniyama splicing dna from plants, Lamango himself, and of course, humans. She's very awkward around her 'brother', and usually is silently judging him. (She also turned the cargo hull of the Garumada into a massive rose garden.). There also exists an 'offshoot'. A chunk of Lamango was blasted off by Shikkon back in 1994. It has since grown to become a woman (accelerated growth due to energy both Lamango and Shikkon leaked out.). Possessing no male chromosome, Razin now follows Lamango's crew around, trying to start fights.
    • Kids: Lamango has three adopted children, the first being 'born' in 1967, where Lamango saved him from the Kamaki Sisters and Kumon. Naming the child Guy Kim, Lamango taught him how to fight. (Guy Kim is eager to take his father's place as head of the Dragon Ceasars.) His second kid is Shugo. He doesn't know where Shugo came from, but the shy boy is thankful for Lamango's sudden interference with Tomoyuki trying to drain the planet Earth of Mana. Finally, there's Musume. (Literally Japanese for Daughter.) Lamango found her in 1993, making her the youngest of the children. She often clings to her father's pant leg for protection. There was a fourth child for a short while, who considered Lamango more of an uncle.
  • Hates low door frames and low hanging lights.
  • He has a long term rival in the professional puroresu (Pro-wrestler) Solomon Hirose. Hirose, despite being a foot shorter then Lamango, was able to toss him around like a rag doll.
  • When he lived on the deserted island, he usually slept in a cave near the shore. Inside the cave had thermal vents from underground. He was also no stranger in sleeping under the waves in a coral reef.
  • His greatest fears are the following: Death of friends and family, losing trust in his friends, and of course, leeches.
  • Between 1955 to 1962, Lamango was active in the pro-wrestling scene. He met Shirochi "Solomon" Hirose, and became friendly rivals with him. He stopped wrestling when he grew past 6'5".
  • People list Lamango as 'chaotic neutral' or 'Chaotic good'. He is seen as the polar opposite of Jun 'Magatama' Suzuki, a 'protector' of humanity who does it as a living, Lamango tries to get under the Atlantian's skin.
  • The bands he manages are 'Triassic', 'Solid Foam' and 'Tech;No Logic'.
  • Lamango, under a different name and using a Little Big Planet avatar appears in the video entitled 'Pucci Boy'.