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Much of Tyriss and her past remains a mystery, whether this is due to her secretive nature or simply a loss of memory due to some unknown trauma could only be answered by her.  She first appeared in vrchat frequenting the great pug where she met Roflgator, LeyLey, Drekwiz and many others, she was then seen traveling around with various people exploring, meeting new people and seeing the various worlds of vrchat.

It's rumored that Tyriss may actually be a Kitsune or some variation of one as she has been seen often changing forms into a white haired fox girl who is playful and silly in nature and almost innocent compared to when she is in her human form where she can be reserved, calculating and cautious.

She has demonstrated her skill at tactical games and possesses deep comprehensive abilities, which can often lead her to miss some of the more straightforward things in life as it appears she is always trying to find deeper meaning in what she comes across.

Recently she has been seen frequently visiting Neko Nights and the party scene. Going on adventures with Lanfear and Oathmeal, taking on new challenges and making new friends.


  • Tyriss excels in playing a variety of classic games, including Connect 4, Dots and Boxes (Lines) and chess. Tyriss is also a capable at CTF, Steel n' Gold, and Cold Front. Merciless in her strategy, Tyriss tends to suffer very few losses.
  • Tyriss knows quite a lot of ASL sign language, which they regularly make use of alongside writing in order to communicate. She appears to have difficulty understanding VRC charades or body language however.  
  • KimplE introduced Tyriss to Lanfear and the two became very fast friends.  
  • Tyriss has a kitsune avatar now.  
  • KimplE always tries to get Tyriss to lick her hand and picks on her.  
  • Tyriss is a frequent patron at Neko Nights NightClub and even gained the VIP status. She constantly tries to take the Nekos on in Beer Pong.  
  • She possess the curse, or blessing (depending on who you ask) of a mysterious force known as "Aus Ping" that occasionally allows her to perform feats such as being able to pass through weapons such as knives without being harmed or having bullets pass through her without a scratch, even able to take down targets behind perfect cover and sometimes even leave shadow images of herself for a period of time allowing her to flank her target.  
  • Tyriss has recently gotten new eye textures on her models.  
  • Tyriss acts as the stand in mother for Kohrean and Chiu.