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Ty is a "Kaizon" who crashlanded on planet Hellion.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Ty was once a happy go lucky Kaizon living day to day as normal until The Union attacked her home and took over her planet of Pthaantal. Forcing the occupants to mine for supplies to help with the war. Many of her family died during the war years but she kept pushing on.

Years after the war Ty left her home on Pthaantal using the ship her and her Grandpap made together. With her grandpap passing away shortly before they were to depart she made it her task to carry on and finish her Grandpap's project. Her wish is to make him proud of her and to learn what new things await her on the next planet she reaches.


After crashlanding on planet Hellion she was picked up by Scrap Town locals. Hearing the loud bang as her ship entered the atmosphere from orbit they followed the resulting smoke it left behind. Intending to salvage not much of value remained after the crash but finding her instead they brought her back to the settlement. Meeting the locals and lacking any new destination she decided to settle down and find work as a Tailor.



  • Major - Stealth mode - Able to go into stealth for 2 minutes however if someone attacks her she loses her stealth for an hour.
  • Minor - Big ears means cool person - Hearing increase around her due to her larger ears.
  • Minor - Needle and thread - Ty can cast a spell that allows her to help people with any mundane crafting/ repair tool adding her Arcana skill points to the item for the day.


  • Major - Carnivore - She needs to eat a creature that has died within the hour or she will not be able to stomach it and will have side effects.
  • Minor - I'm Ty and i never learnt how to read - Illiterate but can understand pictures and shapes.
  • Minor - It's too bright - Hot environments cause discomfort and will slow her if she is not hydrated.



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