"People seem to forget... that I did not start off as a cat!" ― Truu frustrated about his cat form

Who is Truu?

Truu is roleplayer, known as a relatively melancholy person and friend of SciFri who's usually provides insightful, silly commentary or assists him in various tasks or schemes.

He used to appear as a short looking cat boy, anime boy - and for a while a very scuffed looking cat.

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Character History

Fitting the description of a "loli" to some, when he met Roflgator on Dec 17th, 2018 he was told by him to never to come by his RP lobbies looking like a "loli" ever again. He kindly obliged and changed avatar.

The following day when he visited The Greater Gator he was using a scuffed looking cat avatar and when he saw Roflgator again he was given an ultimatum. He would be allowed to visit come and stay as he wished, as long as he remained and kept using that "Scuffed Cat" avatar. Once again he kindly obliged.

On Jan 20th, 2019 when the 8est store was opened by Crocolol in Bricktown he dared to drop his cat form. SciFri invested his savings into the business and Truu assisted with work there.

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Alternate Character Personas


  • He upgraded his Scuffed Cat avatar on Dec 20th, adding a mustache and a Super Mario hat. He was questioned by Roflgator about it - if he had violated their agreement - but the issue was dropped by Roflgator as he was unable to remember how he initially looked.
  • His cat avatar sometimes frustrates him. Especially when new people only think of him as a cat or forget how he used to look.
  • Oft considered to be a 0.5 on the Demon Scale
  • Ironically people have expressed that they prefer him as a cat, SciFri and Wimchimp included.


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