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Trixie Lockheart is an adept fighter with a knack for tinkering with dangerous tech. She values giving it her all in everything she does. Whether its her top-notch martial arts skills in taking down her opponents by ANY means necessary. Or her top tier intellect that she utilizes to the fullest when developing and tinkering with weapon tech. Her crown achievement is her gloves that she developed herself that come complete with kinetic energy that amplifies her punches three-fold. And a hardlight shield that can be projected a few inches from her glove.

Scorned by her father's unyielding unacceptance and the loss of her mother at an earlier age, she has a cold heart and little patience for things that don't go her way. She will do what it takes to get what she wants no matter the cost.




  • Major - The Old One-Two - Pair of gloves she wears everywhere that allow a strong kinetic energy that amplifies her punches. As well as has a secondary use of projecting a small shield that can be used to deflect one or two projectiles before it needs to recharge
  • Minor - Enrage - When fighting/attacked Trixie is enraged. Her strength and speed increase. She's a skilled fighter, but when pushed, she's deadly. Her fists strike harder. She can fight through a single injury
  • Minor - Tinker Tinker Little Star - Trixie loves pulling things apart and putting them back together. Especially weapons and boomy things. She is an expert at the technologies involved in top-tier weapon and shield design


  • Major - Lil Mac - Trixie’s gloves have a limited duration of usage. Not only does her shield drain the power, but they only last for a single fight (5 minutes) before requiring a recharge. While unpowered, disabled or damaged, it's so detrimental that not only can she no longer shield or punch, but because of their importance, she panics and cannot do any form of fighting or combat
  • Minor - Locked


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