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Torvik, a newly found species (Hornet Dragons) by the Corporations works under the Valkyrie Corporation as a combat medic. As a recently uplifted species, Torvik struggles to understand and find a way through the bureaucracies of this new life he lives. Now living within a high class apartment, he must adapt his primitive ways to meld in within this completely foreign world.[1]




  • The Perfect Doctor - Torvik has spent many years on his homeworld and in the Upper City practicing his medical skills. Having plenty of experience with healing his own people from the bare basics, Torvik has learned to be resourceful in his craft and is quick to pinpoint the injury itself, working quickly and precisely to ensure a patient is up and ready to go as soon as possible. This would give an advantage to his medical rolls.
  • I'm a Healer, but... - Torvik has experienced what it's like being in an unfair fight. After experiencing the wrath of Shometsu Corporation he knows what it's like to fight for his life. This has shaped him into being a better warrior and won't shy from battle. When it comes to combat, Torvik will be more prepared than the usual soldier when a fight arises.
  • The Lone Survivor - During his time in Tumla, Torvik spent a number of his years foraging and surviving the beasts of his land. He is no stranger to what it's like fending off on his own and knows how to take survival into his own hands. Whenever Torvik is faced in situations where survival skill is needed, he will have some knowledge in the matter.


  • Memory Box - Due to his racial trait, Torvik has experienced many memories in his past time, all of them not being of the most kind background. At times, he can experience sudden flashbacks of memories he never had, which can have serious mental afflictions onto Torvik, especially the more he uses The Hornet Serum. The more times it's used, the higher chance he completely has a meltdown and shuts down. Some form of major relaxation or drug would be needed to allow him to lower such chances of said breakdowns.
  • Tribalistic - Coming from a background of people who used spears and swords as weapons, technology is certainly not his strong suit. Whenever interacting with new technology, Torvik will struggle to understand its uses and meaning and would need the help of somebody more experienced to learn how to use an item properly, otherwise he will not even bother with it.
  • A Minor Miscommunication - Sometimes, words are just hard. During certain conversations, Torvik can mishear a few things and relay information in a not completely accurate way. To say the least, giving him tall orders may not be in the best interests for the Corporate Board.


  • The Hornet Serum - This would allow Torvik to stabilize internal damages merely by touch without the need of using any medical equipment or creating any form of incision, so if internal bleeding or a broken bone is present within the victim of his touch a slight sting would be felt as the liquid in their biology releases a healing serum into the body, connecting to the points of damage.
  • Mental Cage - Whenever the healing effect is taking place, a connection is created between the victim and Torvik. When administering the serum, Torvik would undergo a moment of relapse of his own memories. These memories vary from recent to long past times, to good and bad. Depending on the memory itself, if it's an extremely intense one, Torvik may suffer mental damage from reliving the memory. These visions do not affect the victim.[2]


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