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Torok is a giant muscular tortoise, hailing from another world that he fails to remember, that has long since forgotten anything of his past and desires. Having more recently left a (murderous) circus troupe, Torok wanders in search for a place to live, food to eat and a copious amount of drugs to take.

His size is usually an issue for him but he makes do as he blissfully strolls through life with a smile on his make-up covered face. Wandering from place to place in search of a job he can do without issue.


Hired to work at the Scrap Town smithy for Sten, he smelts ingots and flattens out scrap metal when he isn't snacking on parts. Consuming metals doesn't seem to hurt him and they do come out from the other end of him eventually. So far he's completed a weapon for War-Togg and a new shield for Sir Polka.

Rarely remembering names he tends to only call people by the nicknames he makes up himself.

From his long years of living he has seen many terrible things and learned much but forgotten most. Although having a broken memory he is occasionally struck by moments of clarity, speaking small snippets of wisdom or recalling experiences from the past. In his own words his reason for taking drugs all the time is to not have to remember.

Sharing a complicated past with Zes, she acts a bit like his unwilling guardian. Keeping the absent minded Tortoise from getting tricked or scammed out of everything he owns and calm enough not to start any unnecessary fights.



  • Major - The Indestructable Shell - Torok's thick hide and dense bones make him tougher than most. His shell meanwhile is almost indestructable to normal gunfire, requiring high caliber weaponry or explosives to even damage.
  • Minor - The Strongman - Torok's heavy frame requires a lot of muscle to allow him to even move which makes him capable of feats of great strength.
  • Minor - The Anything Swallower - Torok's exceedingly strong jaw and powerful stomach acids allow him to eat pretty much anything as long as it isn't poisonous. Organic or Inorganic, Torok can digest anything he can physically eat. He doesn't gain nutrition from anything non-organic he eats but its a useful party trick.


  • Major - Drug Reliance - Torok's reliance on drugs is so heavy that he requires it daily to even function in society. The longer Torok goes without drugs the sobor and more useless he gets, if he goes three days without drugs there could be very disastrous consequences. He also is incapable of gaining a high off of any drugs he's had the previous day requiring him to find alternate sources of drugs each day.
  • Major Minor - Too Heavy, Too Big - Due to Torok's heavy skeletal structure and extreme weight he's incredibly hard to move, which also means its hard for Torok himself to move. Moving fast and jumping are pretty much impossible for Torok, alongside this getting inside structures built for normal sized species is a difficult task as well. Ontop of all of this Torok is incapable of walking upon structures that aren't reinforced to accept his weight.
  • Minor - Memory is a B**ch - Torok's memory is a shoddy mess, unable to remember a lot of things between each days it's seemingly a roll of the dice what Torok will remember. He usually ends up improvising and making things up as well which means its hard to figure out if what Torok says is true or false.
  • Minor - Fearing the Fall - Due to his weight and the usually brittle (to him) nature of most structures, Torok has gained a great feart of high places. As such he'll avoid anywhere high up that he knows isn't reinforced, if he suddenly finds himself in such a situation he'll freeze up and very slowly try make his way to the safest possible place for him to calm down.
  • Minor - That's Gonna Hurt - Torok's slow metabolism as well as his large and dense body requires him to take twice the time than most species do to heal.


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