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Toolbox is a synth discovered in a Galactic Union ship wreck in the Wasteland outside Savior City dating back to the War of Unification decades back.

He appears to be a mostly standard Union support Drone, one of many from that era, but seems to have been rebuilt from several drones and tools nearby.

Able to work alone, the model was mainly designed to help teams excel in repair and maintenance tasks.


For vigorously patrolling the perimeters of Scrap Town and keeping its inhabitants updated with events and current ongoings he has earned the reputation and nickname of being their "sentry" or "guardian angel".



  • Major - Boost - Uses a second core to temporarily boost the body and mind of another synthetic or computer. Able to transfer power in addition to that.
  • Minor - Advanced Support Tools - Has an on-board fabricator, high-cap battery, large data-storage drive, welding torch, fire extinguisher, cutter, vacuum, and many other tools.
  • Minor - Adaptable - Able to transform between his standard mode resembling a hovering toolbox, an inconspicuous box able to maglock surfaces, and a wheeled mode able to carry small loads up to a single passenger in emergencies.


  • Major - Pacifist - Zero combat programming. It is designed to repair and support, not to destroy. Can still flee, hide, or take cover from danger.
  • Minor - Limited carrying weight and terrain limited - Hover mode limits carrying capacity substantially. Made more for zero G precision, not 1 G. Additionally, wheeled mode operates only on flat regular terrain.
  • Minor - Synthetic Blinders - Sees only synthetics as “real” people. Magic is a glitch in its sensors, perceiving effects in non-magical terms. Task-oriented to a fault.
  • Minor - Limitations on Boosting - While boosting a synth or system, sapience is paused. Slightly addictive for other synthetic affected. Jarring for both should boosting end unexpectedly. Some temporary personality bleedover.


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