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Titus Azzir is a Human Shadowrunner, Freelance Mercenary and Wyvern Mercenary, residing in the Row.[1]

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Titus Azzir Is the son of a Wyvern native to Ajax and his wife; both of whom are refugees from the glassing of the planet by the corporation TraVerse. They refugeed to the fringe mining planet of Coriolis-3 after this event, where Titus was predominantly raised.

Growing up on the mining world that was Coriolis, Titus spent the better part of his childhood listening to stories his father told of working as a Wyvern, at the time soldiers on Ajax. Many tales of loyalty, brotherly bonds, and grandiose stories of combat and bloodshed. Titus knew the name of all of his father’s old friends, all of his old enemies, the names and natures of every corp as seen from a dragon’s eye, and everything in between or outlying.

Later on in life, his father-being combat-bred, and his mother-a near-synthetic with how many cybernetics she had installed by this time, took to teaching him… Finer points and crafts. His mother taught him marksmanship, as she was a crack shot to rival any of the men his father worked with, and his father taught Titus the more Visceral, close quarters points of combat, as well as tactics.

Having heard so much about the Wyverns to near-idolization and training to become one, he eventually saw quite the opposite, as the planet they lived on had a small splinter of the Wyverns- who, after joining them, Titus discovered were little more than Corpo-backed paid thugs.

More recently, he heard some word that the Wyverns' chapter on Hellion was proper- and that they were recruiting- and decided to make his way there to go join. The opportunity arose, and he took it.

Titus is looking to start anew in the Wyverns and on Hellion; to find new folk to care about, and a new purpose to fight. New reasons to live a life. -Or, failing that, he hopes to work his way into surviving as best as someone born outside of a corp can hope to achieve. It ain't much, but it's better than slumming without a home. Even if that means becoming a corporate dog himself...


As a young would-be Sniper and Decker, Titus quickly found out the former was far easier than the latter, and chose to follow that path instead, turning sniping into generalist marksmanship skills. Before leaving his home, he willingly had his Right arm removed, and replaced it with the prosthetic his father had. The new arm was… Temperamental, and served little more than a chunk of metal with some dulled claws. So, as a sign of respect for his father and reverence for her husband, his mother painted it with an ornate mural depicting Titus’ father and himself, one old dragon passing the flame to a new, young Wyvern.

As for his cybernetic eye... He doesn't like to talk about it.

Titus is new to Hellion, having arrived recently planet-side and gone through processing before being emplaced as a Wyvern in the Row, transferred from his old branch where he had a tenure of four years.



  • Hard Upbringing: Titus was raised a fighter, and as such, is tough as nails despite his appearance. He can take a beating and keep fighting in most situations.
  • Nimble Fighter: Through experience and training, Titus is exceptionally quick on his feet, and always ready for a fight. Makes him harder to hit and quicker to act and arrive on-scene.
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  • Sweeten the Honey Pot: Titus usually wont turn a job down, without good reason. Though his loyalty can be bought, it cannot be sold.
  • Itchy Trigger Finger: Titus gets bored fast. If he's not working, self control becomes an issue.