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The Yishai is a quirky fullbody dancer and VRChat streamer on Twitch. She used to be a mute until voice revealing.

She is known for dancing on stage at The Golden Gator and participating in events and game shows.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


"Rob" Roflgator hosted a game-show for Sodapoppin on July 24th 2020 titled "Who wants to mute for a millionaire" with the goal of trying to find Soda his own Personal Mute. The show was judged by Soda, Rob, and Vigor, and featured DustBunny, Yishai, Yaas, Happy Thoughts, Golly, Aiden, and Knuffle, who all acted and/or danced to try impress the judges. In the end Yishai lost to Happy Thoughts who Soda chose to be his personal mute.

She participated in MoonMoons personal mute contest on Oct 16th 2020 and made it to the finals with "Alabaskis" but eventually lost to Qynoa.

She is currently the personal mute of JakenBakeLIVE as of Nov 9th 2020. Together with Jake she has popularized various mixed reality "metas" with her overlayed ontop of his IRL live streams[1] working out and later chilling in hot tubs.[2]

Known as one of the quirkiest mutes, she did a voice reveal on May 29th 2021 following DJDeyar and Aika also unmuting.



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