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The Undercity is located underground of The Row, hiding the undesirables and magic users who are trying to escape the gaze of the Mega-corporations. Most of the Undercity is situated in old abandoned subway tunnels, natural water filled caves, forgotten sewers and mystical mushroom forests.

After defeating The Necromancer a year ago even the cursed mushroom forest and remaining ruins are now inhabited, making up the new Shadow District.

Salvation City lacking any official entrance from its massive walls The Undercity have constructed connections down to Scrap Town and The Wasteland in the form of rope elevators.

Following the forceful takeover by the MASARU Corporations occupation, the residents of The Undercity are under what is comparatively martial law.




Abandoned Subway

Steam District

Living Area

Air District

Fire District

Water District

Shadow District

Nature District - The Grove

The Magic Sanctum

Hot Springs

Mushroom Cave

Ice Cave

Group Shot