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(Sound of Tape Deck Rewinding) is a traveling kenku who gets by performing multiple kinds of decking jobs for people. The occasional theft of a few coins or some food is just to help get to the next area.

This is just the next area they found themselves in.




  • Major - Perfect Mimicry - Can reproduce sounds they have heard. Stores them in their limited “memory bank” to use to trick people. Memory bank is 8 audio clips (“8-track”).
  • Minor - Feather Fall - Can drop from high falls without taking serious damage.
  • Minor - Tape Deck(er) - Their tape deck they use for storing important audio doubles as their decking device.


  • Major - Repeat after me - Can only say words they have heard during the session. Works with a new bank of words every episode to try and communicate.
  • Minor - Scaredy Bird - Incredibly cowardly. Will rather run or hide rather than fight. Will only attack when cornered or as the last possible option.
  • Minor - Greedy Feathers - Prone to let greed cloud judgment. Will steal if it is easy to get away with. Will take on jobs to feed their greed if they feel they will not be in life threatening danger.
  • Minor - Weak Hollow Bones - They are very physically weak and easy to harm/break bones/die.


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