"The Sheriff" is a homeless vigilante. He claims that he used to be an actual sheriff but appears senile and has since lost his sense of reality. "Similar to typical VRChat players." [sic] according to Roflgator who portrays him.

He lives homeless, bumming places to sleep in the dark alleys of Callous Row, the slum that lies in the shadows of the enormous Savior City. Savior City is a cyberpunk metropolis located on the planet Corvanis 3 in the Corvanis system.

He lives off garbage and whatever he can get from the local places that he claims to "protect".

Roflgator only participated in the first week of the roleplay and have yet to return.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Originally coming from a town on earth named Bricktown he one day encountered a dark portal when chasing and following after a villain who went through before him. He refers to the portal as "The VOID". When he arrived in Callous Row he had no money and nobody believed his story and this eventually drove him mad.


He greeted new people in Callous Row and offered mercenary work to Jack Montagne and Rook and nearly urinated in public locations, being unable to find any bathrooms. He also expressed his distaste towards Robots blaming them for "stealing all jobs."[1]



  • Good alcohol tolerance.
  • Not afraid of danger.
  • Knows the ins and outs of the city.

Self proclaimed edges

  • All women fall in love with him.
  • Can survive on any food and without water.
  • Very resistant to weather due to big body.
  • Has a great ass.


  • Many...


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  • The avatars face texture is based on a photo of Roflgator IRL.
  • The avatar was created by Sorry.
  • His gun was taken away from him because he was considered "too dangerous" for it.
  • The avatar was used for trolling and fooling around before joining Callous Row,
  • Not to be confused with Human Roflgator who is used outside of Callous Row.
  • The "Sheriff" comes from the imaginary story made up in relation to an IRL photo of Roflgator standing half naked in a cowboy hat and a tiny gun.



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