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The Shadowbats are a group of cultists who branched out of a former mercenary company known as The Hellbats.

They recently made their presence known in Callous Row. Lead by a mysterious figure named Shara Nique they are spreading the word of "The Great Fire" coming.

Heavily armed, commanding a small army of zealots anyone dealing with them should be careful not to end up on their bad side. They don't seem to hold any fear from the corporations or respect for life and are quick to devolve into armed conflict.

History of the Shadowbats

Entering Callous Row

The existing Shadowbats is a splinter organization originating from The Hellbats but are now run by cultists.

A bounty hunter named Lazarus (portrayed by Arcadum) visited the Row and warned Loch about them coming for him. They were looking for him because of something he did back on the planet Abraxis.[1]

Incursion and capture of Loch

Interrogating Coach Eric

The Shadowbats made an entrance into Callous Row heavily armed and looking for Loch. At first greeted warmly by the unsuspecting Guidebot they push him aside and move to the old Hellbat headquarters to get their orders. Looking for Alfons who reportedly knows of the last whereabouts of Loch they lay siege to the bank and interrogated Mayor Eric.

They eventually locate Loch who by chance walks by and introduces himself by his real name. Arrested he goes along willingly but the word of his capture reaches the local inhabitants of the Row who wont accept his capture.

The inhabitants put up a fight attacking the Shadowbats head on, Jack Montagne was fatally wounded and later died from his injuries. Talus Nova was also shot but survived. Although forming a resistance Loch is captured and the Shadowbats escape the Row, leaving 2 casualties behind. [2]

Shadowrunner counter-attack

Loch was rescued by Rook doing a head on attack with his small army of shadowrunners that few survivors. After the rescue it became clear that "the great fire" that the Shadowbats refer to is probably "The Prometheus" missiles, capable of massive levels of destruction. The Prometheus was a battleship that Loch commanded during The War of Unification and got him labeled a "War criminal" for destroying a warp gate ferrying civilians.

Coach Eric had amassed his own rescue effort along with the Quixote corporate aligned Lange Pliskin but they met the escapees on the way out, proving to have wasted their efforts.[3]


  • The Shadowbats name sounds similar to The Hellbats but they should not be confused.



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