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The Royal Gator is a map created by "Rob", Roflgator inspired by The Black Cat and replacing the previous location The Golden Gator. The main area is wheelchair accessible for everyone "coming through" and features a ramp.

The bar has a strict no-loli policy with a huge sign at the entrance and its official motto is:

"Grow or go!" ― Roflgator

On June 10th 2020 Roflgator re-opened his re-made map of The Golden Gator and Bricktown.


Initial start

The map was hosted first on July 13th, 2019.

On Aug 6th, 2019 Mute Max was hired as a bartender and told to talk with a southerner accent. CyberCoffin was hired as a bouncer and MurderCrumpet to wear more feminine clothing and "service" customers in the bathrooms. He offered back rubs and massages but Rob possibly had something else in mind.

Tony Maloney and Hello Kittens "Tony Gang" food truck.

In Nov 2019 Tony Maloney and HelloKitten suddenly tried opening a food truck. inside the bar and managed to make some kind of deal to stick around as long as they shared a large percentage of their profits.

Emerysaur and SciFri are interviewed for job positions.

Royal Gator 2020 Reopening

On Dec 3rd all employees were fired by Rob in order to replace his work force and their positions. He performed interviews to reevaluate who to rehire or let go. Java and SciFri had to compete for the bar host as trial positions but Java eventually failed the trial period.

On Dec 6th 2019 the map was updated with an outdoor area, a terrarium with a crocodile pet named Lumpy and many improvements.

On Jan 3rd 2020 Hello Kitten tried to hire two assistants without Robs permission, DontMindMe and GardenVegetables, a carrot. Although being fired initially for overstepping his authority both were eventually allowed to stick around.

The map had jail cells added in the sewers dedicated to InYouEndo who visited them on Jan 14th, 2020 appreciating to be locked up once again months since returning.

New employee positions

  • Murder Crumpet - Lobby host. At first recruiter and matchmaker for dates.
  • SciFri - Bar host, people pleaser to make sure customers enjoy themselves.
  • UzuriMia - Dancer and talent manager for the stage.
  • MaloneGames - Secondary talent manager for the stage.
  • Ruthless Ruby - Secretary and assistant to Roflgator.
  • Tony Maloney - Bunny girl, after loosing a bet in an art competition.
  • MrInconvenience - Janitor robot
  • AnnaKavanna - Bartender and waitress
  • Kasumi - Bartender and waitress
  • Hello Kitten - Bartender and waitress
    • DontMindMe - "Scuffy", hired by Kitten to help her at the bar.
    • GardenVegetables - "The carrot", hired by Kitten
  • Wooks - Greeter
  • Sierra - Hired by Robs daughter Sorry as a waitress and cleaner.

Former employees positions

  • Java - Fired, failed his trial period for bar host.
  • Mute Max - On leave. Bartender and entertainer, to flip glasses and be entertaining.
  • S0ra - Ex-waiter and former 49% ownership.
  • CyberCoffin - Former security guard.
  • Aurio - Former occasional greeter.
  • Direct10 - Fired, started as bathroom chaperone but disappeared after his first day.
  • Emerysaur - Fired, formerly chief janitor, cleaner. She had her own dedicated cleaning rag.
  • Langa Feom - "Pierre" - occasional waiter but went missing shortly after his son passed away.


  • Bearly - Not the official mascot, although he looks like the gator with a crown that is on the logo. He at first claimed to be the mascot and is still considered such by many. He now even wears a cape with "The Royal Gator" logo on it.
  • Sorry - Daughter of Roflgator, can essentially boss around any of the employees as she pleases.

Events and game shows

Artwork depicting Psychology, MurderCrumpet and Sorry in The Gay Bar vs The Swamp RP arc. Drawn by BekoMon

The Gay Bar vs The Swamp

The Gay Bar vs The Swamp was a roleplaying arc between "Rob" Roflgator and Murder Crumpet running competing bar establishments.

Mute Olympics at The Royal Gator

Mute Olympics

Starting out as a "Mute Pageant" competition hosted on April 24th 2020 it later evolved into "Mute Olympics" being various recurring game-show style competitions.

Main article: Mute Olympics


Sexiest of The Royal Gator Competition

The Sexiest Man or Woman of The Royal Gator is a recurring monthly competition hosted by Roflgator.

Genders aren't that strict and participants can join any or both as long as they pick somewhat fitting avatars.

Winners in the competition gets a screenshot of themselves on the wall in The Royal Gator public map.

Neri promoting a #SaveTheFrogs with an image of SciFri on it

Drain the Swamp vs Keep the Swamp

Months after the old conflict that arose, The Gay Bar vs The Swamp weapons were thought to have been laid down until the topic was brought up again. This time it was not about any bar competition but about the destiny of the swamp itself.

Getting tired of the loud frog creatures inhabiting the swamp entering his bar Roflgator threatened to fill in the whole swamp with dirt, removing the frogs breeding ground and removing many from their home. An opposition of protestors formed with SciFri as the front-figure and head mascot for everyone wishing desperately to #SaveTheSwamp.

The conflict divided supporters and opposers into two different camps with their own hashtag to promote each battle effort.


Featured in videos

Art contest submissions


Opening on July 13th

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