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The Retribution was a Galactic Union Destroyer Battleship captained by then Commander Loch Brunswick during The War of Unification.


Attacking a SONITII Corporation warp gate that ended up with civilian casualties the ship was believed to have been destroyed when it was hunted down after it's captain was deemed a war criminal.

It was recently reported to be in orbit around Corvanis 3, above Savior City after Athologoth and Loch had a shared vision of it. This time with a cancerous growth attached to its side.[1]

The infected remains of the ship was boarded by a team lead by Loch, consisting of Warren, Phil, Dagu, Desmond, A.L.Ex., R.G.-2 and Faye. Using it's long range scanners they managed to home in on the approximate location of Rook, having gone missing. Before departing they sent the ship on a path towards the planetary systems sun to self destruct.

Further information: Operation Retribution




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